MIDI controllers

Can you route multiple parameters to one midi controller or knob like a macro?


I’m sure you can, so like one knob controls both filter cutoff frequency and lfo speed? It probably depends on the daw you’re using, it might say “You’ve already used that knob for something else so use another” or something. I had a look at some videos and articles for reaper just now and didn’t see anything, but nobody said you couldn’t do it either so… Maybe I can try it later

In ableton I know you can route multiple parameters to a single macro so I assume you can map that to a midi controller


That an awesome idea, but unfortunately I use Logic Pro X :joy: I was asking because of Ableton’s ability to macro different parameters hoping to mimic it

It sounds like you can in Logic:


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I was able to do this in FL Studio by making sure that “Remove Conflicts” was turned off.

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