Mike Millrain (& aliases)

I think there was a similar post on the old forum about Mr. Millrain. He’s my personal favorite garage producer (excluding the proto-dubstep stuff like Horsepower or El-B) and probably one of the greatest garage producers of all time if you look at all the tunes he made under all his aliases. A great musician any way you look at it.

If you dunno, Mike Millrain = Large Joints = DJ South Central = Urban Myths = Stone Cold Steppaz and literally dozens of other aliases and collaboration names.

Here are some of my favourites but i’d definitely love to hear what gems you guys know from his lesser known aliases, collabs, or remixes.

Gonna start by noting two tracks that I can’t find on youtube but are two of my favourites:

Stone Cold Steppaz ‎– Too Blind
Disco Dub Disciples - If Your Girl Knew (ft. Aaliyah)

Other personal favourites:

been digging this