Milpz & Fortunata [Engravings Album] [Dubstep/Chill 140]

It’s been a long year and a lot of writing for us. We aren’t fully done mixing down some of these but we did take a lot of time making sure it flowed and all went together. To keep it short here they are. Enjoy it. We have one song privatized because we’re still unsure about it but it’s a fun one.

Ayahusca has a cool snare and is pretty solid overall. Sentimental Memory seems like there could be more clarity in the mixdown? Sounds a bit muddled at times. Overall the bits you posted are pretty well crafted.

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Thanks yeah. Fully updated with all the tracks.

Paramount is nice, cinematic :slight_smile: trappy but not TOO cliched

Thanks yeah, probably our best tune outta that album imo. Or sentimental memory

Ayahusca is great. Digging the percussion and overall vibe. Solid work here.

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have not not checked sentimental memory, wil dooo :slight_smile:

Coolie. Spread dah worddd spread our tunesss