Minimix Competition - B-sides and Remixes Voting!

Strawpoll for this one as I can’t work out polls on the new forum and wanted to get this out ASAP as there were delays.

Voting closes on Saturday 13th June!

scrolling thru twitter, this made me do a bit of a double take haha, look forward to getting through these today as soon as this circadian rhythms podcast’s finished

Need to sort out my mixcloud. Posting to fb and twitter…


yo neeeeed tracklists these were sick
Monsoon- Skream (loefah remix)
Bulldozer- Second II None
I- Skream (loefah remix)
Igloo- Wiley (Bass Mix)

went with creamlord was feeling selection, need to knw your first tune and joe’s last, and ultra was that just instrumental of trim and scratch or some other version-really rated that into ikonika

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Kassem Mosse - IP Mirrors
Instra:mental - Leave it all behind
Actress - Loomin
Pole - Winkelstreben (Peverelist Remix)
Digital Mystikz - Restructure 2 Rebuild
Mark Pritchard & Om’mas Keith - Wind It Up (Freak Mix)
Scratchy - Trim n Scratch instrumental
Ikonika - Simulacrum

would it be possible to have all the files for a d/l? because using mixcloud when I’m out is a bit long… I’d much rather the mixes were on my ipod. :slight_smile:

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yesss lads, big up!

Skream & Loefah - Fearless

Will check these out tonight or tomorrow

New Horizons - Find the Path (Find the Dub)
The Dub Monsters - Waiting
Wookie - Scrappy
Sticky - Triplets 2
Jk & MJ - Get on Down
Baby D - Let me be your fantasy (Trick or treat remix)

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i went for ultra, really enjoyed all of them though! mine is here for DL

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Big up everyone who entered, large mixes all around. Went with Riddles in the end

Loefah & Skream - Fearless
Loefah - Midnight
Las - Need Fire
Las - Tic
Kahn - Dread (Gorgon Sound Version)
Skream - Rottan

not sure if my vote went through but i went with djoe’s

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Need to listen through. Not had a chance yet. Should get through them by weds tho

why was my mix not included? :frowning:

Ahh mate, did you send it on the old forum? Fuck mate ,I’m sorry :frowning:

bump, get listening and voting!