Minimix Competition - Remixes and B-sides!

The next Minimix Competition has the theme Remixes and B-sides, so time to draw for those hidden gems that never get spun! Deadline for mixes is 25th May!

Post here to be included!

RKM’s Pal

No Garethom, no care.

lol i havent seen Garethom sign up, + his along with his vote rigging an all…



haha just a joke because he’s won the last few

I’m in. First time!

1 BigUp

got 4 in already! keep em coming!

tracklist all sorted, need to do it a couple more times, no more today tho got a couple long blends in there that are doing my head in

I probably should have done mine a few more times but I’m gonna pretend that I’m going for the rough and ready style as a choice ha

did like 3 takes then left it, no point losing your mind over it :sweat_smile:

So what’s happening with this

shiiit thought deadline was the 29th, i’ll have something in by this evening

Gonna try to get something recorded tonight.

submitted didn’t q nail it tbh but can’t deal with it any more lol

yeah i listened back to mine and could have done better but i can never really be bothered to do more than a take or two

Nice one guys, I’ve got all the entries and will upload them tonight. Big up!

If anyone wants to do a last minute one, you’ve got till tonight.


PC has bricked itself, only posting from work/phone atm, reformatting tonight so hopefully it’ll be up tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay…

Shit, my bad, will get in on the next one.