Mister Yo - Interlude - (Lines over Burial's Endorphin)

this forum is a little tough to sift through, im into dubstep of course, but digging for what im specifically into is challenging. also finding it being made fresh from an individual that is also willing to gravitate and possibly collaborate is proving difficult as well.

either way, im in a bind. i just started laying down bars and i released a little ep not too long ago where i go over a bunch of other dope beats made for and already used by established musicians.

i want to break out and do something completely original… i cant get down with anyone beat wise though, whether its they’re too busy or they just dont see where im coming from and what i exactly want, ive been trying to stay local and that seems to be my problem. weak musically minded kids out where i live.

this is my attempt to branch out and ask for help. this first post has gone on for a bit too long, ill drop this little music video of me showing the direction im taking my shit in nowadays rhyming/spitting wise and let it speak for itself.

so what im trying to say here is, is anyone interested in what im doing? and could someone point me in the direction of a cool cat that is down to make some Burial styled “hip hop” beats or reach out to me if you are that dude.

on my ep i go over another one of his tracks, Forgive, spliced two beats together with my boy and traded verses, we called it Go Ahead, Run. ill throw the link up to that project if you guys are interested, i got videos for that shit too but ill hold off on posting them right yet. Interlude vibes right on with DSF due to the burial beat, my ep is more hip hop

mother said…

knock you out?

knock it off more like.