Mix battles anyone?

Thought I’d suggest something that DjForums has, that’s a battle section, where members post a thread where they call out fellow DJ’s to battle with.

It can be 1 on 1 battles or a group battles, ofc by genre, but I thought that for DSF, it could be something like a specific style of bass music, say, 130 dubtechno, 140 dubwise, maybe dungeon, etc… Perhaps also could limit to only releases…

Length could be up to 40mins, or 1hr?

There would be a deadline for submissions, and after that, the thread would be locked.

So when someone accepts a battle, they upload the mix to the mods or someone, me, idk, and then a new thread for voting is made, where all members can vote.
Also, equipment wise, only CDJvs, turntables, 2 deck controllers?

Sorry if it has already been suggested or it already exists, but I thought I’d ask anyways…

And yeah I need tl have a reason to record a mix while I have the equipment that I borrowed lol


Not the same thing, but we used to do mix comps. 10 minutes each and the winner of each comp would choose the theme for the next one.


I would say make it shorter - say a 20 minute mix?
You could get both of those in on the way to work. Or one there and one back.
Keeps things moving along - getting everyone to listen to two hour long mixes…hmm not sure.

(Also, no one call out @faultier cuz you’ll lose. His trainwreck mixes are the shiznit)

i just came across one of my entries for one of those mix comps yesterday while i was cleaning up my drive account, nostalgic af


from a time before i was cyclopian haha, old af

I think 10-15 minutes is the perfect amount of time tbh, too hard for people to listen to a bunch of hour long mixes and vote on em properly, everyone would just skim through


I remember the first one, Pete or someone proper slated mine and I was gutted haha. I’d like to think I’ve improved as a DJ since then but who knows

Mine sucks as well lol, ancient tings

And if it’s means anything I’ve enjoyed many of ya mixes and those dodgy uni radio shows you used to do


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Cheers big boy, means a lot coming from you :gunfinger:

On topic, if people are up for doing a mix comp type thing again I’m fully down. 20 minutes max though because listening through a load of hour mixes is long and I don’t usually have a lot of time to listen to that many, let alone record my own

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Yeah that sounds good :slight_smile:

Also I reckon more ppl here mix than make musik


lets not theme it by genre tho, genres are babylon

some simple/vague theme would be more fun to work with


100% will be interesting to see how people interpret it

maybe a fun theme to start with is ‘last set of the night: 4am in the club business’


Yeah not genre ofc, it’s all bas musick

I think a cool theme would be “wedding reception bangers”

When I get married I’m gonna hire a hench system and put on a rave so I’ll bust out all my peak time tunes haha

Thought this was for mixdowns. Where you post the stems and then everyone mixes them down and posts the results for judgement. That would be neat too.