Mix of the day thread


I fucked earth sideways and she was flat

Ya it’s real crazy brah


beautiful mix @ 3.30
then it gets good


Fully want a tracklist off this









nice headphone listening mix from LTO (1/4 of old apparatus)




Bitty Mclean – Version (Walk Away From Love)
Ernest Wilson – We Are No Strangers
Pluto Shervington – Ram Goat Liver
Young Echo – Home
Boofy Rework of Kahn’s Imhotep
Hi5ghost Rework of Ishan Sound’s Namkha
Bengal Sound – Untouched
Roxy x What We Do
Rocks FOE – Let’s See
Lemzly Dale – Underdog Riddim
Rocks FOE & JLSXND7RS – Warren & Justin (Boofy & Hi5ghost Remix)
Boofy – Ledge VIP
Gemmy – Sonic Boom
Lemzly Dale – Paperboy
Kwam – Don’t Worry
Headland – Roamed
Chokez – Konnichiwa
Boofy – Herbie
Drone – Flooded
Samba – Teeth



that boofy remix of namkha is ridiculous


yeah and the imhotep one, boofy coming with the fire lately, everything he’s putting out is flames imo


need to know what that tune with pulse kicks at 11:30 is.

been bugging me for years