Mix of the day thread

Still feeling the void after Radar especially the innamind podcasts, but been enjoying the Sicaria Sound Rinse shows lately…they currently feature in mixmag


I’m posting my latest mix which has a short dubstep section towards the end.

dj9 bass movements ragga jungle mix 2018

  1. Numa Crew - We Nuh Tek Riddim
  2. Euphonique - Dangerous
  3. Aries and Jacky Murda - Clash 77 (original mix)
  4. Ed Solo and Deekline - Top Ranking (Upgrade and T>1 remix)
  5. T>1 and Serum - Swington
  6. Verdikt - Rap Game
  7. Damageman feat Mc Craftamus - Bassline Business
  8. Verdikt - Hands Up
  9. Serum and Voltage - Don’t Know Why (original mix)
  10. Saxxon and DJ Limited - Way Back
  11. Euphonique feat Killamanjaro - Junglist Style
  12. Upgrade - Sekkle
  13. DJ Hybrid - Takeover
  14. DJ Hybrid - Vibe
  15. Serum and Bladerunner - The Ride
  16. Chris SU and Nymfo - Raindust
  17. DJ Hybrid - Run Tune Now
  18. Euphonique - Get Busy
  19. Jamie Irie - Life (dubwise remix)
  20. True Tactix - the Callin
  21. Fleck and Selecta Jman - Rock Stone
  22. Bladerunner - Bulldozer
  23. Deekline - Hold Up (original mix)
  24. Le Peuple De L’Herbe and Aphrodite - No Escape
  25. Tomawok and Benny Page - My Soul
  26. Euphonique - From the Hood
  27. LMajor - the Power
  28. Sub Killaz and Profile - the Specialist
  29. Tomawok and Kursiva - Party Time
  30. Ed Solo and Stickybuds - Take My Love for Granted
  31. Deekline and Ed Solo feat Navigator - Soundboy Dying
  32. Kumo - Devil Lettuce
  33. Calculon, Jaybee, and 6blocc - Live by the Streets
  34. Breakage Roots and Manuva - Run Em
  35. Liondub - Sticky Riddim
  36. Liondub feat Jahdan and Metric Man - Money Me Say
  37. Mr K - Don’t Trip
  38. Sekkleman - Dancehall Graveyard
  39. Sam Binga - Pot Ah Bubble (Alter Echo and E3 remix)
  40. Emperor and Mantmast - Box Cutter
  41. 6blocc - Slippin Into Darkness
  42. Arrested Youth - Painting in Paris (Quix Remix)
  43. Trends and Boylan - Norman Bates
  44. Breakage Roots and Manuva - Higher
  45. Aetherial and Cosmic Sequence - Cold Tears
  46. Dreazz, MacKadena, and Emery - Tell Me What You
  47. Kumo - Technique
  48. Brian Brainstorm – Anything Everything
  49. Against and Scott Allen - Sixth Sense (original mix)
  50. Aetherial and Cosmic Sequence – Elements of Mind


Only about halfway through but so far it’s :cannon:


sick mix, big up @Jook :gunfinger:

Interesting one. Horror Show into Spongebob at 51:40.

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is that mahn like kahn right up there in the front on the left side of the screen?

around like 26 mins and on

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Loving this kind of sound recently
@cyclopian reckon you’ll be into this if you haven’t heard it already


yeah i like this kind of stuff, i make it sometimes myself as well, not v well tho haha

not exactly the same as that Mr mitch mix but some similar stuff im a big fan of:

some of the stuff on this label is directly what youre looking for, most of it is not, but its almost all very gut imo:

boomarm nation has some heaters in this style as well

also i think that first tune in the mr mitch mix is by equiknoxx, they are ridiculously sick, if you’ve not already checked their music out before


Daddy cyc coming through with the goods as per

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cant forget about Aardvarck either

(pigstyle is such a good album in general :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )


Still haven’t given it a full listen, will get around to it one of these days haha

probs, as he played a set right after them

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Yeh 100% kahn

Madam X is so fucking fine.

Not even finished listening yet but idc

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This whole mix tho.

The first tune is a fucking MONSTER.


Yeah this show was massive :gunfinger:

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