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edit: forgot donga takes his mixes down regularly (which isn’t a bad move imo), check his soundcloud for more goodness. https://soundcloud.com/dongawellrounded/

is a mix, trust

Jets never disappoint.

Radio Mix (59:26)
1.1 Gescom Mag 3.1426 (Rmxd By Ae)
1.2 Lexis Hypnotise (Autechre Remix)
1.3 Gescom Keynell (Remix)
1.4 Slowly On The Loose (Autechre’s For Internal Use Only Mix)
1.5 Push Button Objects Nonexistent (Keyed In By Gescom)
1.6 Jimi Tenor Take Me Baby (Remix)
1.7 Impulse One-Six-Four-Seven (Numbers Rammed Down My Ear Mix)
1.8 Edge Of Motion Earthball (Autechre Remix)
1.9 Unknown Artist Untitled
2 Autechre Interview (3:40)

Exile - Sliiime
Milanese - Mr Ion
Ital Tek - Tokyo Freeze
Ital Tek - Cyclical
Pinch - Qawwali
Boxcutter - Bug Octet
Vex’d - 3rd Choice (Loefah Remix)
Ital Tek - Deep Pools
Ben Frost - Theory Of Machines
µ-Ziq - Gary’s Gruesome Grime
Vex’d - Pop Pop V.I.P
Distance - Delight
Starkey - Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Remix)
Equinox - Acid Rain V.I.P. (Breakage Final Chapter Mix)
µ-Ziq - Ease Up VIP


  1. Konx-om-Pax - Last Jam Forever
  2. µ-Ziq - Iesope
  3. Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Boards Of Canada Remix)
  4. The Host - Summer Solstice At Cape Canaveral
  5. Frog Pocket - Plinty
  6. Kuedo - Visioning Shared Tomorrows
  7. Polysick - Taito
  8. Jega - Geometry
  9. Meat Beat Manifesto - Return To Bass
  10. Tom Burbank - Gnats
  11. Neil Landstrumm - £20 To Get Home (with Si Begg)
  12. Ceephax Acid Crew - Sidney’s Sizzler
  13. Ceephax Acid Crew - Castilian
  14. Luke Vibert - Dirty Fucker
  15. Vex’d - Pop Pop
  16. DJ Rashad - Teknitian
  17. Machinedrum - GBYE
  18. Konx-om-Pax - Astro Belter
  19. Jega - Manic Minor
  20. Konx-om-Pax - Let’s Go Swimming
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  1. Shanti Celeste – Being (Ambient Mix) (forthcoming Future Times)
  2. Peverelist – Undulate (forthcoming Livity Sound)
  3. Simo Cell – Cellar Door (Dnuos Ytivil)
  4. Mosca – White Mice (forthcoming Not So Much)
  5. Grandmo’s Kitchen – Ten Seven Eight (forthcoming Ultimate Hits)
  6. Tessela – Swimming (forthcoming Poly Kicks)
  7. Alex Coulton – Hand Combat (forthcoming Tempa)
  8. Kowton – Bubbling Under (unreleased)
  9. Hodge – Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix) (forthcoming Dnuos Ytivil)
  10. Errorsmith & Mark Fell – Cuica Digitales (PAN)
  11. A Made Up Sound – Half An Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth (forthcoming AMUS)
  12. Japan Blues – Stoned Bird (forthcoming Berceuse Heroique)
  13. Peverelist – Grit (forthcoming Livity Sound)
  14. Neuroshima – Fold (unreleased)
  15. Kowton – On Repeat (forthcoming Livity Sound)

Just found this in my bookmarks; it’s really good.

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Weatherall inspired by the new book ‘Psychedelia and Other Colours’ by
Rob Chapman, published on September 3 2015 by Faber & Faber. The
book features an introduction from Andrew Weatherall.

Andrew on the mix:
“Deadlines were passing and and I needed a kick up the arse, but with an army of
psychic skeletons waiting to surge across synapses should they be
lysergically fired, going “gonzo” was not an option when I found myself
lacking Caliope’s influence. I needed to get back on the bus but knew
that the cost of a ticket was one I was unwilling to pay.My sanity is
priceless. I needed a “madeleine moment” but tea and cake wasn’t going
to cut it. Casting my mind back to my first trip I remembered a good
part of it was spent on a large Victorian brass bed listening to the
static between stations on a transistor radio.I heard my own internal
soundtrack, music made of ether and electricity. It was then it struck
me. A sonic key was required. After some hours spent in the bunker’s
research library I compiled a collection of music that crackled and
fizzed within a nebulous fog. Static charges mirroring synaptic
fireworks. On mixing and playing the result was immediate. The foreword
was written.”

1: She Possessed The Secret of Listening To The Stars - The Humble Bee
2: Lapis Lazuli - Fisherofgold
3:Caisteal Grugail - Invocation
4: Often Destroyed - Helm
5: Unchained - TCB
6: No Drums - Tim Hecker
7: After Tomorrow - Arovane and Hior Chronik
8: Walk Into The Light - White Noise Sound

3.5 hours of Ben UFO.


my listening list just keeps on growing…

honestly this is one of the best mixes ive heard all year. One of those “i wish i was there” kinda mixes

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