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this is awesome. thanks for sharing. i found a tracklist here. http://www.mixesdb.com/w/2015-09-26_-Ben_UFO@_Factory,_Club_Circus,_Osaka



I’ll probably get some hate for this here but oh well lol

Sick as fuck mix in my opinion


Causa is definitely the one to watch.


Isorinne - Blurred Perception of Substance [FIELD]
Connection Machine - No Tears [TABERNACLE]
Anthony Child - Mr Naturals [EDITONS MEGO]
Mark Hand - Assumptions [FAT DOG]
B12 - It’s My Blood [DELSIN]
Jahiliyya Fields - Abendlander [LIES]
Healing Force Project - Wayward Flow [BEDOUIN]
Ian O’Brien - Yemura [PEACEFROG]
Hieroglyphic Being & Jitu Ahm-Sahm-Buhl - Fuck The Ghetto / Think About Outer Space [RVNG INTL]
Miles Davis - John McLaughlin [COLUMBIA]
IBM - Sanctification For The Heathens [INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS]Andrew Ingram (Tabernacle Records) Guest MIx:Alek Stark - Titan’s Cycle [Titan’s Halo Records]
Dez Williams - All That Remains [TRUST]
In Aeternam Vale - Valium Water [In The Dark Again]
Hodge - Forms Of Life [Berceuse Heroique]
Fatcat - Let’s Try Acid [World Music Records]
Acid Witch – No Escape [Yo Sucka]
Ibrahimović - Camp Nou [Subwax Bcn]
Gesloten Cirkel - Chasing Away The Night [Murder Capital]
The Hieroglyphic Being Experience - Create / Objects I [Tabernacle Records]
Bézier - Necropolis [Dark Entries]
Kristal - Love & Magic (Dub Version) [Reflex Records]
D Ball – Manifestations [Ourtime Music]
Black Dog Productions – Flux [Rising High Records]
The Connection Machine - Echoes From Tau Ceti [U-Trax]
Pulse One – Fear [Fullpanda Records]
DMX Krew – Journey To The West [Mystic & Quantum Records]
Jeremiah R. – Solstice [Tabernacle Records]



##Dixon, Steffi, Nicolas Jaar, Ben UFO and Omar-S mark our 500th podcast.



This live DJ mix is called “Spirit of Dub”, it’s something
I did for Dommune in Tokyo about a month ago while I was in Japan. This
particular piece could have just as easily been titled “Connect The
Dots”, as it goes the gamut from vintage Reggae Dub to Dance Hall, some
Digidub then turns into mad Jungle beats , Drum&Bass and of course a
good dose of some of my current trippy Dubstep faves. In my mind at
least, it really helps bring a certain vibe into focus, not that I made
any attempts to pick super-obscure choons that only trainspotters would
know. Rather it was more about feeling that energy when all of these
different tracks - many of my faves - get mixed together live as they
are here.There is no question that ‘bass culture’ has always had a
profound influence on my approach to sound. But especially as of late,
and in the context of Deep Space’s dubby agenda it’s become apparent
that beyond fleeting trends I remain utterly attracted by this energy,
completely drawn and fascinated by what it represents.For
whatever reason I have recently been getting back to lots of Junglist
tunes, probably due to how timely I felt the “Special Request” album was
when it came out a year ago, and how it managed to reawaken this
fascination with all of the futuristic mad drum programming some of
these records were famous for.Listening back to the mix, I can’t
help but get the sense that a lot of what attracts me in all of this is
that it feels as if it has such a direct connection to a strong Sci-Fi
and Cyberpunk aesthetic, including a rather rebellious
‘take-no-prisoners’ attitude which is quite endearing and allows the
listener to get ‘lost in the bass’.In the end, it’s really all
about how you feel when you play the stuff, and this one left no doubt
in my mind. It also felt like a perfect way to conclude an amazing year,
and set the stage for what’s to come in the next one in a way some
might not expect in the least.

tracklist here



uploaded royal-t’s fact mix to wetransfer as it’s unavailable on american mixcloud. i still listen to this regularly 5 years later–uk dance music as explosive cartoon world of color/character, def in my top 5 mixes of all time.


  1. Royal-T – Sax on the Beach (Rinse)
  2. Swindle – Bebop (Butterz)
  3. SX – Woooo Riddim (Royal-T Remix)
  4. DOK & Trim – Dead in this Ting
  5. Terror Danjah – East Village (Hardrive)
  6. Katy B – Easy Please Me (Royal-T Remix) (Rinse)
  7. Royal-T – Orangeade (Mister Maff Remix) (Butterz)
  8. Royal-T – Orangeade VIP / Durrty Goodz – Red Alert (Butterz)
  9. Royal-T & P Money – Bump Into Me
  10. Swindle – Spend Is Dough (Royal-T Remix) (Swindle Productions)
  11. Royal-T – Don’t Call Me Baby (Rinse)
  12. DOK – Sidedok VS Dizzee Rascal – Ice Rink
  13. Spooky – Spartan (Royal-T Remix)
  14. DJ Q – Hype Machine VIP
  15. Royal-T, P Money, Blacks & Slickman – Boo You (Butterz)
  16. Faze Miyake – Take Off VIP (Royal-T Special)
  17. Royal-T, P Money & Blacks – You Are Washed
  18. Royal-T – Music Please (Butterz)
  19. Terror Danjah – Full Attention (Feat. Ruby Lee Ryder) (Hardrive)
  20. Wiley – It’s Wiley (Royal-T Remix) (Prodigal Ent)
  21. Royal-T & P Money – 1UP
  22. Swindle – Mood Swings VIP (Butterz)
  23. TRC – Sex (Royal-T Remix)



DJ Q Talks And Delivers A Fresh FABRICLIVE Promo Mix





pev and kowton on bengi b show last night




vibes on this!

write up: http://tape-echo.com/news/tape-echo-mix-ezra-ereckson-mix-for-systemwide-12/




Pt 1 with: Veronica Vasicka

  1. Linear Movement - The Linear Way - Minimal Wave
  2. Das Ding - Somewhere - Minimal Wave
  3. Das Ding - I C Anything - Minimal Wave
  4. L/F/D/M - Moth Holes - Cititrax
  5. Tzusing - Nonlinear War - Cititrax
  6. Room 506 - Drop Out
  7. Silent Servant - The Touch - Cititrax
  8. Amato - Deranged - Cititrax
  9. Marie Davidson - I Dedicate My Life - Cititrax
  10. In Aeternam Vale & Anneq - Je Ai Dissous - Cititrax
  11. Broken English Club - Crime - Cititrax
  12. DVA DAMAS - Clear Cut (Radio Edit) - Downwards
  13. Daily Fauli - Speed - Minimal Wave
  14. Cute Heels - Etat Naturel - Unreleased
  15. Borusiade - Jeopardy - Comeme
  16. In Aeternam Vale & Anneq - Je Ai Dissous (Alt Version) - Cititrax

Pt 2 with: Beautiful Swimmers
17. Rhythm Based Lovers - Number Games - Future Times
18. Sheila Chandra - Quiet 9
19. Audio Action & Laraaji - New Laughter Mode
20. The Black Dog - Virtual
21. Floorstruk - Pluto
22. Sami - Planing
23. Deee-Lite - Call Me (Ralphi’s Intense Dub) - Elektra
24. ???
25. Mark Flash - Fight It - Upstart
26. Will Dimaggio - Fusion (Broadcast Mix) - Future Times
27. Mark Seven - The Call - Park West
28. Ian Pooley - The Brickenkopft At 7am - Defenitive
29. Deelat - Wet Indiez - Crydamoure
30. Imaginary Criticism - A Man Is What I Need (Smooth Dub)
31. ???
32. Person Of Interest - Track For The Whip - Future Times
33. Queen Latifah - How Do I Love Thee (Deep House Mix) - Tommy Boy
34. Entro - Amnesia
35. The Orb - Loving You (Orbital Mix) - WAU



Manali Cream VOL 35 by Pure and Manray (2000 plus downloads currently)

1.Future - No Charge (Dubstep Remix by Pure)
2.Headphone Activist - ZEPHYR
3.Lil Nasty and Friends - Hear Dat Alot
4.Piecemeal and OldGold - Afraid of the Dark
5.Pure - Young Thug
6.The Bug ft Flow Dan - Jah War (Loefah Remix)
7.Zomby - Bloom
8.Arkwright - The Truth District
9.Minzo - Unknown Forces (ARtronicks Remix)
10.Manray - Zero
11.Cyrus - Soul Seeker
12.Can You Dub (Original Mix)
13.ARtronicks - Bumper
14.Drake - Energy (Dubstep Remix by Pure)
15.Bukez Finezt - Disappearance
16.Spec - Awaken
17.Mercston ft Chip - All Now
18.Synchro - Hero
19.Chip - Sonic Boom (Bonus Track)