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###Interview and download

Version Allstars - Revolution Devil’s Mix (The DJ Hops V.I.P.) [dubplate]
Orson - Production House [Version]
Pearson Sound - Footloose [Pearson Sound]
Orson - Fabrik [Version]
Orson & Skratch - Nucleus [Version]
Cousin - Ruff Draft [81]
Facta - Alsatian (Beneath Remix) [dubplate]
Lamont feat. Beezy - Pondering [Paper Cranes]
Lamont - Titanic [dubplate]
Beneath - Occupy [Pan]
Orson & Hops - Government (Dub 1) [dubplate]
Pinch & Mumdance - Legion [Tectonic]
Cousin - 4Got [81]
Orson - You Don’t [dubplate]
Beneath - All Nite [dubplate]
Lurka - Mach [Black Acre]
DJ Normal 4 - Gazer [dubplate]
Pinch & Mumdance - Double-Barreled Mitzi [Tectonic]
Version Allstars - Revolution (OG Mix) [dubplate]








letsss gooo!



HeartDrive 05: Void Response

dBridge and Kid Drama present the 5th instalment of the Heart Drive podcast.


Kahn – Over Deh So (Alphadub’s Steppah Cut) [unreleased]
DTR & Bukkha – Between The Lions [unreleased]
FLO – Gluestep [unreleased]
Akcept & Sound Unknown – Shook [unreleased]
Shabba Ranks – Give Dem (Sub Basics remix) [unreleased]
D-Operation Drop – Never Surrender [unreleased]
Causa – Minerals [unreleased]
Mikael – Lintumies [unreleased]
Self Evident – Hardwired [unreleased]
Oxossi & Samba – Orbitals [unreleased]
Perverse – Elemental [unreleased]
Chokez – Madda [unreleased]
DubDiggerz – 40Hz Burn [unreleased]
Malleus – Saule – Bad Kids [forthcoming Gourmetbeats]
Chad Dubz – Shake Dat Batty [unreleased] Inyoka – Peregrine (Content remix) [unreleased]
Hi5Ghost – Return Flight (Ishan Sounds remix) [unreleased]
Akcept – The Ladder VIP [unreleased]
Chris Innasound – Between The Lines [FKOFd027]
Fill Spectre – General Masta VIP [unreleased]


Loving every second of this.


a month or so ago i pulled out a mixtape from the hundreds I’ve been going through
and I’ve played it maybe twelve times during road trips.
It stays fresh, interesting & challenging.
I think it’s from 2010 downloads:
John Maveric mix
Speaker Fly mix (whotf is Speaker Fly?)
& Gravious’ Sonic Router mix
highly recommended if you can still access them.


Karma - Terrorist (DUB)
Epoch - No Dread (IMX001)
Mikael - Wada (Innamind)
LAS - Swamp dub (DUB)
Karma - Heal VIP (DUB)
LAS - uuha - (Egoless remix) (DUB)
Causa - Monkey Jam (DUB)
Gantz - Step On Lava (DUB)
Ago - Why won’t you (DUB)
Karma - Rumble Fish (Innamind)
Karma - Vacant Mind (DUB)
Dubtro - blue world (DUB)
Karma - static (DUB)
LAS - Pocosink (Commodo remix) (Blacklist)
Egoless - Uck Foff - (DUB)
Karma - Cha - (DUB)
Mikael - Lintumies - (DUB)
LAS - Gunfam - (DUB)
Karma - How Ya Feel - (LAS remix) (DUB)
Channel 15 - Marihanna (DUB)


Why doesn’t he play any dubs?


Monkey jam and that ago tune are nuts






Onyame Nkrabea Nwomkro - Owerehoni
Issa Bagayogo - Kouloun
Penny Penny - Shichangani (Remix)
Dr. Raphael Samah - E So Fun Oniduru Mi
Souleymane Traore - Cinporoko Nomougoro
Vumani - Black Mampatile
Yvonne Chaka Chaka - Sangoma
Brenda & the Big Dudes - Gimme Gimme Your Love
Manu Dibango - Echos Beti
Stip Guys - Da Kara -
Lat Mbaye - Teckno ac Tama
DJ Katapila - Zoomlion
DJ Mengie & DJ XL Yafet - ??
DJ Alex Funk - Ambiance DJ Instru
DJ Katapila - Gbe Ohe Mix
DJ Katapila - Ice-Inc.
Ata Kak - Bome Nnwom
Aby Ngana Diop - Dieuleul
Dieli Moussa Condé - Dena Dyala

Just amazing.


gonna give this a go, mainly because i have not heard of anyone on the tracklist


same, listening now
first two tracks boss bass
but starting to get a bit generic with third
& ethnic with fourth
butole keep listening for some more of that bass