Mix of the day thread

  1. Running - El-B (Vex)
  2. Lost Control - El-B (Promo)
  3. Desire - El-B (Promo)
  4. Stone Cold - Groove Chronicles
  5. Body Bagging - Ghost (Promo)
  6. Indigenous - Perception (Ghost Promo)
  7. Ruffneck Bad Boy (Ghost Remix)
  8. Urban Gorilla - J Kenzo feat Juice Man (Ghost Remix)
  9. We See You - Ghost (Promo)
  10. Alien Riddim - Ghost (Promo)
  11. Gently feat Wiz Kid - Ghost (Promo)
  12. Bad Habit - El-B remix
  13. Holding Back - feat Daniel Shea - El-B (Promo)
  14. Keep Searching - Michael Bison & El-B (Bison Records Promo)
  15. G60 - Perception (Ghost Promo)



haha yeah you are not going to have heard of any of his tunes tbh


Been listening to this and stuff like it alot this week

Tracklist /
Sloper - Midnight Sun
Soichi Terada - Omatsuri
Soichi Terada - Mt. Andes
Shinichiro Yokota - Night Drive 1992
Shinichiro Yokota - Bells
Soichi Terada - Till Dawn
Soichi Terada feat. Chisato Moritaka - Hyamikao
Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada feat. Stephanie Cooke - Believe In Us
Shinichiro Yokota - Game Man
SEKITOVA feat. Chisato Moritaka - Foetus Traum (Make It Calm Mix)
Takeshi Fukushima - Deep Loop C
Shinichiro Yokota - Believe In The House
Shinichiro Yokota - Fuyuukan (Feeling Of Floating)
Shinichiro Yokota - Gotta Have House
Shinichiro Yokota - Machibohke
Hiroshi Matsui - Crazy Miracle Dub
GWM & DMX - Jazz Sauce (Dub Master X’s Beat Sauce)
Mikkeller Hoppy Lovin’ Christmas / Takeshi Yokemura (Ushimoumou)
Yasuo Sato - In The Vast Universe
Sloper - Softshell Quartz /

In the 1999 PlayStation game Ape Escape, the main character, Spike, begins his journey in The Time Station, a hub where he accesses the game’s different stages. As he shuffles through the area, which has a space-age-M&M-store feel, a jungle track with melancholic whistles, warm subs and meditative keys is the soundtrack. The music was composed by Soichi Terada, and if you heard Sounds From The Far East, RA’s favourite compilation of 2015, such moments of crystalline beauty will be familiar to you. When Hunee, the compilation’s curator, came to choose the tracks, he was assessing an artist and label that both started out in the late '80s. Leaving to one side Terada’s work in soundtracks, video games and as one half of the group Omodaka, Hunee focussed on the early '90s, a period when Terada released an exquisite string of tracks on his own Far East Recording that were inspired by the first wave of US deep house. Terada’s style fizzed with musicality—he studied electric organ, an instrument his father introduced him to, and on classic tracks like “Sun Shower” and “Saturday Love Sunday” his melodic proficiency was dazzling.

90s japanese house and computer game sounds.
Pretty funny he has one LP then an Ape Escape soundtrack as his lps on discogs as he made the music of Ape escape and other games.


Perfect atm


Anyone have any idea who this alias Richie Brains is?



I hear a lot of Binga, Fracture, Perez…


jo guys where do you check for mixes nowadays (genre doesnt matter just quality output) preferably no mixcloud w/o download options because it’s dreadful lately I want to enjoy my mixes whenever I want
I check rinse/xlr8r/RA/Mix/Fact/radar already btw
copy pasta


As far as house & techno goes…
Radio Ghost Town (“home.” series; all up on SC)
Truant’s Blog
Little White Earbuds (now sadly! defunct, but all the content is still online)
Dekmantel Podcasts aren’t bad.

Dynamo Dreesen (not SVN, but idk maybe) has done a few sick ones btw, can’t remember where to find them though.


A mate of mine is having her birthday party tomorrow and wants me to burn a couple of CDs for her. Anyone got a decent garage mix on the more commercial end of the spectrum? Or some RnB/slow jamz?



SC took down my RIZ YOU TRIPPIN’ mix while ago, so here’s the DL if anyone wants it, classic 90s RnB


Cheers Geeza


tis a banger, like if you can imagine the best kisstory youve heard but mixed really fucking well, it pretty much that


Sorry for being such a homer, but she truly is one of our finest DJs.



Respect all, im just gona dive in her and https://soundcloud.com/kodenine/kode9-and-flowdan-live-at-fwd


everyone is so dead. Haven’t seen a boiler room that bad ( the crowd)


Buju Banton - Champion
Three Disciples - Gwarn
DMS & The Boneman X - Sweet Vibrations
D’Cruze - Chronic Breaks
Jo - R-Type
Brainkillers - Screwface
Skool Of Hard Knocks - Kan U Feel It
DJ Solo - Deal Wid It
Tom & Jerry - Maxi (Mun) Style
The House Crew - Super Hero (My Knight)
Wots My Code - Dubplate (The Terrorist Mix PT 1)
Dillinja - Deadly Deep Subs
Johnny Jungle - Johnny 94 (Origin Unknown Remix)
Dem 2 Ruff - Nice Tune

big up @Johoosh for the link


I skipped through to 26:16. DJ not there, one turntable going round despite not having a record on it, bunch of muppets jiggling in an archway. What a load of shite.


Screwface gets the hardest reaction

Also don’t know how he mixes it in that well