Mix of the day thread


You guys actually watch Boiler Room? I only listen to the audio not minding the video.
And the music n mixing is on point.


If ur gonna do Boiler Room’s

Even my mum had it large to this 1


This is quite hot 2


the selection is great fun and Gerd Janson’s moves behind the decks are a sight to behold.

probably the only BR I actually watched.


i still don’t understand the point of br-type video broadcasting. besides youtube being a bigger platform there’s really no reason to do it. who cares about watching some ■■■■ mix ffs. it’s not like you see what he/she/they are actually doing to get like mixing tips or w/e so


Advertisers dream

Eyes on a page for 45 mins+, live is quite rare, audiences easy to sell to. Can make as much content as they want/v quick. Red Stripe & Red Bull both signed deals with BR quite early to make their shit exclusive on their broadcasts

I guess on a wider level its more of a fetishization of club culture/certain genres of music & the live element of it, whilst being in an easily consumable form


man was about to link some other Mickey Finns and some other but can’t find my pre-97 mixes anywhere
fckfckfck they were sooo goooood :frowning:
edit; nvm still on the harddrive pfioew

this series

just check this blog tbf
loads and loads of sick mixes, wish I could remember the other 2 blogs w/ jungle, loads of great stuff there too must’ve erased links after I got what I wanted :(, ah man I remember now I fucking lost them when pc updated ffs, had 3 great sites to frequent still needed to check one fuck

edit2: also Kenny Kenn, Ellis Dee, S Gachet most of their stuff is lovely



aw yeah that blog is amazing
easier to browse/preview on their sc tho


didnt know they had it haha
tbf dont like sc ever since you have to be logged in to download
like wtf I just want this set I don’t do jack all on your site but download mixes anyway


yeah same. deleted my account a while back and now i cant dl shit but i imagine most people on here have accounts so


why don’t you guys just install an add-on lol


don’t trust those
also this prevents me from stacking up my hdds with mixes i’ll either never listen to or listen to once then delete



played this quite a few times recently

Addison Groove Episode 7 - March 2016 https://soundcloud.com/addisongroove/addison-groove-episode-7-march-2016

anyone know the tune around 6:40?


Any actually good dubstep mixes about? Im pretty done in with the genre at the moment and am kinda hoping theres some sick new mixes to get the old fire going again haha


half an hour though… :pensive:




older mix from mlz aka miles aka millie aka one half of pendle coven aka one half of demdike stare
seriously good