Mixcloud changes (only 10 mixes on basic tier)

Just got an email about Mixcloud changes

From December 1st we’re introducing a maximum allowance of 10 published shows for creators on the basic tier.
… Until now we’ve kept our basic tier uncapped. However, as we’ve grown our royalty and hosting costs have risen and we are not profitable .


Wonder what you all think about it this and what you plan to do.

Personally, as a non-professional DJ, paying for the “Pro tier” would also be unprofitable for me, so I guess I’ll just stop uploading new shows.

also, doesn’t this change sound like what’s happening with twitter?

fuck mixcloud, ever since they stopped the rewind they can do one lol


Is there even a good alternative now? SoundCloud kept taking down my mixes and even that limits to a certain number of shows without subscription

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I started to upload my mixes to hearthis.at

this thing with mixcloud is shit for me, i upload very sporadically, but i definitely have more than 10.

Not paying 180 eur a year to upload one mix every year.

I understand they don’t want to be continually losing money, but i’m outta there, might upload a bunch of shit before 1st December.


Yeah I looked at that and the free / pay option.
It didn’t say what the limit was on the free version but the subscription offering said “unlimited uploads” so seems sketchy.

Might do the same r.e. bang out some mixes before end of the month…

Might pay the discounted amount for a couple of months for mixcloud and try hearthis during that time…

DJs clearly the most oppressed people in the world right now smh

Or the musicians not being compensated for making all the music DJs upload illegally everywhere?
I agree that our current copyright laws are completely bonkers and severely outdated, but I can’t really see how a better system would work. The market forces has skewed it all in this direction for decades.

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SC has always been clear about the fact that it’s a platform for original content, not DJ sets. At the same time, some big names get favorised, so there’s definitely a lot of hypocricy going on.


Well I was more thinking along the lines of it being somewhere to upload mixes that people are familiar with. Asking non music nerd people to go to some website they’ve never heard of with a layout they aren’t familiar with doesnt always bode well.
But yeh, get the point it’s not strictly a “DJ” upload platform.

But do producers actually get money from my mixes I upload to mixcloud? Mixcloud pays for licensing so they don’t tear my mix down when their software identifies a track?
Not really sure how it works from A DJ mix perspective with places like mixcloud

Maybe I’ll upload them to pornhub instead…

It is not, and has never, been a platform for DJ mixes. This is clearly stated in the EULA. To be clear, I’m not defending this. It’s just how SC rolls, to avoid legal hassles for hosting copyrighted material, which tbh is like half of the site nowadays. SC puts all the potential financial risk on the user, and will ban you for repeat offences.

If the tracks are identified, the rights holders should be compensated in some way, yes. Prerequisites for this happening is that Mixcloud has acquired some kind of licensing deal from the rights holders, and pay according to this deal. It also of course means that the rights holders has to have registered the tracks as available to license, either through a copyright “enforcement” organisation, record label, or other type of distributor.

Copyright laws are extremely complex, and vary between countries/parts of the world, so it’s really a pain in the ass, both for artists and streaming services like Mixcloud.

Just realised that the Mixcloud Pro does not include Mixcloud Premium which is needed for unlimited listening and rewinding of tracks.
So 2 separate subscriptions. For Pro they should have just included the premium aspects too.
Moan moan moan.




The embedded player on the forum lets you rwd and fwd to your heart’s content.

Yeah same with YouTube embeds not having adverts.

Maybe we need a secret thread just to dump embedded links to everything…

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Tbh I haven’t used mixcloud in forever so I’m not really fussed. It’s a ballache having to pay for soundcloud premium for unlimited uploads but I’ve never had copyright issues (touch wood) so works for me for the time being. Also like @skevin said - non music nerd people don’t really bother with it so I got a lot less plays when I just used mixcloud