Mixing a song from reason in pro tools

I created the stems, and have everything in pro tools. I’m wondering about the drums I have in redrum and kong though. I’d like to be able to mix each drum sound individually, but the way the stems were bounced this is not possible. The way I bounced the stems is by going to the file menu and to bounce stems.

I’m not even really sure how I would go about mixing each drum sound in reason since it’s grouped together in redeem, and kong. Any work around to this?


I dont know reason very well, but im quite sure you can bus each redrum output into it’s own channel, then export from there

a solution i use for actual drum machines and my lack of input channels: solo your parts in the drum machine and record them one by one…

I’ll give that a shot. thanks

Yeah either way would work in the Reason environment. I just mix my drums by routing
each redrum channel to a dedicated drum mixer (14:2).
I also work with both Pro Tools and Reason, but I find that using them for the same track is a bit
of a hassle.