Mixing Kick and Growl Bass that sound similar

I have this problem i can’t seem to fix/mix out of this song. the kick gets lost in the bass/sub. At some points the bass actually just sounds like another kick. id really like to find a middle ground between the two before giving it up and sending to a professional mix/mastering engineer. i plan on demoing this song to a few labels.


Sidechain compression.

i did but maybe i missed the happy medium .when i raise my threshold it just seems to noticeably squash the bass.

are you also sidechaining the sub bass ? that is very important because if you have your kick drum and the sub playing at the same time you can run into some problems, I didnt really understand your problem but I hope that might fixes it oh and dont do Sidechain compression because that will drown the dynamics a lot use normal Volume shaping/sidechaining ! :slight_smile:

Highpass bass in near 200 hz
the kick in 100 or 90
and lowpass the sub where you highpassed the kick
play around with it

I took a second look and yeah, I did have both bass and kick sidechained. :laughing: forgot to set sidechain to a different channel.

I will take a look and implement this on the re-mix down. I’m still learning about frequencies and where certain things should sit in a mix. thanks for the info.

Yeah the drums get really overtaken. In order to get your kick and snare hitting hard and clear, you have to sidechain everything to them…not just sub and bass sounds. The trick to getting them loud is to make sure nothing else is playing when they punch in. A good way to calibrate is to solo your kick and then listen to how much the volume drops when unsoloed (is that a real word?). If the volume is dropping that means you have other things coming through and then when everything tries to collectively cram through your limiter over 0db…they all get compressed and quieter.