More jungle tracks like this plz^^

Little topic for this sub genre really cool
Its jungle with elements of breakcore (?) Or drill n bass ?
I only know this track from Sine & Fibre and I love this style
Don’t hesitate to share some tunes like this
I am very curious about this style and would like to know more good tracks!!!

As you can hear its really more jungle than breakcore, cool vibe not in the darkside, this is the kind of work I would like to discover cause I only know this track for the moment

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That’s just jungle/breakcore

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this is not drill

Drill & bass is what I think he means…

Yes I meant Drill n bass (I suppose) I m a noob ^^ I am not familiarized with the name of this sub-genre as I only knew that jungledrilled track from Sine & Fibre posted on top of the topic

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this is what i imagined under drill n bass

anyway, here’s some tunage in the vein of what you posted


This is what I imagined

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Niiiice I love all this

@_ronzlo uses the same drum patterns/loops in this

And @bassparadise you can’t forget the absolute OG track.


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