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Not sure. I think their primary audience isn’t really vinyl-y tbh. It’s also not on Apple Music, unlike earlier releases…

But tune “Riders” would fucking smash the shit out of a dancefloor I think - starts with that John Carpenter eighties sounding business then breaks down and gets so funky it’s giving me permanent buckteeth every time I listen to it lol.

Srsly, could see gyals just getting down and freaky by the end of tune…

Like it’s so good I can’t take it. :banghead:



I’m honestly surprised they have any releases on vinyl knowing their background a bit. Def happy that they do, but its not really their vibe at all and I expect physical releases from them are going to be a rarity not the norm as they get more popular.

I think the 7" was a bit of an experiment (4 tunes on a 7 at 33 lol), and the Mu release obligatory (i might be wrong on the timing here, but didnt the 3rd member duck out of the group shortly before the Mu release was announced? I dont think these guys want ‘trophies’ if that makes sense)


how did this get on your radar??

just asking because it’s from the 20th anniversary party of HYTKY aka Helsingin Yliopiston TeknoKulttuurin Ystävät which freely translates to “friends of techno culture at the university of helsinki” which is a p low key & local thing


Not sure now - might’ve been in my feed or a referral from a friend. Everything I post basically fits into one of those.


Feel free to send me stuff like that too. :bluethumb:


not an expert in stuff like this, but there are some here who spin something like it. couple of them have this online radio show. u can listen to the “podcasts” here


Deep listening 4lyfe


On the subject of Pauline, I just found out a little while ago that the Tape Music Center (where she and a lot of others cut their teeth - Subotnick, Riley, Reich) is just a few blocks from me over on Divisadero. :surprised:

This really is one of the holy spots.


The 3rd guy (Eyneon aka Lit Eyne) left the group after the album afaik. He’s still active though, just done a set with Circadian Rhythms. Also the album is self-released, it’ll cost a fortune to press on vinyl.

WWWINGS didn’t just pop out of nowhere too, two of them done some work as BWWWOYS before making net / tumblr internet aesthetic art and music somewhat similar to what they’re doing now.

a pretty lowkey mix they’ve done for Astral Plane two years ago… :eyes:

They’ve also done a couple releases for Hyperboloid too. They’ve got a massive back catalog of tracks innit


Big up this. Appreciate the knowledge.


Yes yes, thanks for the extra info, and I’m aware of most of this.

I guess what I meant is that vinyl never really seemed their ‘vibe’, internet vibes n that. Didn’t mean to make em sound like new kids on the block or something; more so that their overall ‘aesthetic’ isn’t really a DJ/vinyl culture thing :slight_smile:



edit: not sure why it wont embed, worth a click thru thoo


All kinds of links aren’t embedding very recently…


This video is not available.
Sorry about that.


ahh, these kinds of youtube videos only seem to work in the states, they are auto uploaded by “google music” i think, so copyright laws get a bit funky (also a very possible reason the site did not auto-embed, prob some sort of tag on the video saying it can’t embed or sommat)

I just realized even the soundcloud version of it is hidden behind that shitty subscription paywall, makes me a bit sad…

Still a banger, kudos to trying to make some $ but damn…strange vibe on such a foward thinking tune


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