yeh so been into this for awhile but ill be damned if im giving it a name so Madshit™ will do.
Theres like Janus crew, NON, NAAFI and GHE20G0TH1K, im sure theres more im not aware of.
Going to be baaaare SC links so sorry about that.





Lot of overlap with a chunk of Tri Angle Records.

add Sd Laika, Demdike Stare, Haxan Cloak, Oyaarss…

And this is where shit’s going.


u been listening to endgame’s nts show

keep ending up covering it, plays some out there stuff like this, i rate it though i can’t say i enjoy it all the time

the 1 with 0 come ups guest mix was really cool, he’s also a saaafe guy



Well it overlaps cos of their releases but they all per-date their Triangle stuff.

I had not, but ill get on that later tonight, I dont really follow radio tbh so it does not surprise me ive slept on shows.
I imagine Total Freedoms Rinse show has some tunes as well.

Elysia Crampton falls into this to a degree as well


Also got to say Endgames art is on point :cornlol:

All of them? Hmmm… I knew about some of 'em but…

Another that could fall under this general heading is Visionist. And was also gonna say Shapednoise, but… when you compare those two they’re sooooo different LOL.

And yeah, I know, Pitchfork can eat a dick but this is also in the ballpark. Interesting read if nothing else.

But there’s definitely a common aesthetic to all of these. One of the reasons I half-jokingly suggested the name Brothers Quay Beat is because almost all of these sounds could serve very well as a soundtrack to a Brothers Quay film; not that they necessarily have the same emotional vibe, but more of the technical vibe - taking something inanimate and material and making it come alive in a wonky, organic-tek way that’s a little unsettling at times.




Ital Tek - Reflection Through Destruction (Planet Mu) --- BIG CHOON!](https://community.dsf.ninja/t/ital-tek-reflection-through-destruction-planet-mu-big-choon/5613):

Gotta add ISKELETOR to this list…

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Anyone has any idea how these guys do it production wise?

Great question.

In short: no.

I don’t think any of these guys have very standard or similar approaches from artist to artist. I think with some, like Sd Laika, there’s a lot of experimentation and unusual approaches (like triggering entire beat loops, overlapping, no quantization… instead of quantized single hits) and others are clearly seasoned studio pros (Lotic, Arca) deliberately trying to mix things up.

A lot of tasteful restraint.

Adventurous sound design.


That’s about all I got tbh.


free gaika tape


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Hoping for G list for Boiler Room tomorrow.

he’s been on my ‘i should listen to’ list for tiiime

really enjoying this

it’s v much on that warbly trap wail trap beats and some dancehall vibe that’s v hot rite now but it’s dece