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Some of Retina’s newer stuff is fucking mucky


this bangs!


Is this Brut, I feel like it might be Brut, what even is Brut?

Might be a bit overproduced compared to some of the stuff in this thread but i get a similar vibe from it


First tune is somewhat, second tune YES and a straight banger at that. Third not so much but good to see the same artist pushing a range of sounds.

As for production, it doesn’t have to be lo-fi amateur hour - WWWings are/were ( :crying: ) slick and sikk as fukk.

In general the sound is more organic and more structurally experimental/not as repetitive or rigid as most dance music; wouldn’t easily fit in any prior beat/bpm scheme like 4/4, 140, 160, etc, and tends toward dirty, aggressive, asymmetrical, sometimes cinematic sound design; sonic outliers.

It’s becoming a lot more common though. The Brut name is just what I coined it, but there are other names around too (although sometimes I think there’s an overlap in some people’s minds with stuff like Glitch, heavy/dark trap, some of the artier nuskool idm…)


yeah the main vibe I’m getting from the stuff in this thread is that snarled up distorted grizzly stuff


Yeah but painstakingly snarled up lol

I should put together an album/track list of recommended listening. It all starts (for me) with Sd Laika’s ‘Idiot Thug’ minimix.

But this thread is a damn fine resource too. Wish I could figure out a script that could use any of the media links embedded in this thread as an automatic stream.


if you go to the OP you can twirl down a ting that’s just a list of links in the thread, p handy, but not as streamlined as to what youre imagining.


not necessarily within the themes of this thread, but WWWINGS collabers / Planet Mu signees Silk Road Assassins dropped this sick remix of Mr. Mitch’s VPN:

Whole remix EP is amazing too.





Older but great



Some ruffian shit.








been caning this one over the past year or so, the homie Noche has a banger on this compilation as well.



yess, caught this one a day or two ago, high quality as usual from the man. I gotta bug him again soon about our works, been a minute since I’ve checked in