Multiple Noise - Abyss / need Feedback again

Hey guys,
after i got some nice feedback from you the last time i posted a track here, i wanted to share another one with you.
This time it’s some darker stuff with some electric guitar vibes in it.
I hope to get some tips regarding mastering, arrangement etc again : )



Personal opinion -

I think the jazz like drums do not fit (The sounds not the rhythm per say).
A voice would fit great in there if you simplify the track. I personally liked the 1:15 time when everything shut up except the drums because it give spaces. But definitely a right voice would be cool down there.

Maybe something more minimalist in the arrangement. The mastering is way to early to give feedback on it !

Keep going !


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drums start to get lost in the bass, and the drums could use some more work so they could sound more upfront sometimes, but i fucking love it mang, aside from the mixing, it sounds gnarly dude (the whole song in general)

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The guys thank you for your feedback!

@ Jake:
thx for your opinion
i agree that the pure drum part at 1:15 has somehow more flow that the rest, maybe i try to built something else on that frame & be more minimalistic. But everytime i try to work more minimalistic i start to think that it sounds too empty, boring and unfulfilled …
I like the idea to add a voice, i will try that maybe!

@ Alfredo
thx, i am glad you like it! Yes the drums get lost, i should try to work with some compressors and stuff.
You say it sounds gnarly - i wanted to sound a bit gnarly that but apparently i fucked it up too much…
yea, i have to learn a lot regarding mastering : D