Music atm

Never been excited for it as I am now.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to share my enthusiasm for my passion with anyone in real life on a regular basis.

Anyone else ever feel the same?


Yeah there’s a lot of things that I get really excited about/in to that I try and talk about with my friends and none of them really care.
A lot of pretty awesome music right now tho (a lot of really shit stuff too) feel like we’re on the verge of something

Time for something new and something old.

We are all part of this continuum.


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please share what’s exciting for you guys rn

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Yeah I’m kinda in a rut, I went through red-eyes new releases the other week and it did nothing for me.

New clams casino is the only thing that was alri


Can you post examples of what it is you particularly find exciting, and say why, maybe go on to how you imagine it may evolve?


but then again thats very serious and it means its up for the taking now and that we need to get in the studio

I think dark techno and darkstep is good right now. That’s all I actually follow

Lo-fi hip hop is really great. I always used to love hip hop beats but never liked rap very much and finding these has been pretty great. It’s also really active, artists are making new albums all the time. It’s just really great music that fits with pretty much anything you want it to.
One of my favorite albums

On the other side we’ve got people like Billain and Noisia making crazy DnB/Neurofunk stuff

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Some tracks from a quick ten min mix I just did:

This is kinda cool Uk funkyish. Ryewax was chatting about it being repressed on fb

lapti !

lol …this site looks so shady but you have to press the blue button
(its really dope!)

track list

just a taste

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Yep love this stuff. You can chill out to it, work with it, work out with it… For me it just feels like it goes with pretty much every setting.
Reminds me of walking back to my friends house in Switzerland during a light rain.

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this is good shit cheers for the heads up

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yeah man lapti is so dope

his first hip hop bits are kinda hard to find and then he changed into making this other type of music
but its worth tracking it down like those bits from that monday night jazz thing ^

Did you buy the Keysound LDN 69 though?

wouldn’t mind a link to that mix if you have it uploaded somewhere, really feeling the tunes

especially that armour - pepper pot one, pls do recommend some more like that if you know any