Music similar to Zomby's album Where Were You in '92?

Regardless of all the banter surrounding this dude, I really enjoy the Where Were You in '92. Especially the tracks Euphoria, B With Me and Tears in the Rain, they have this really trippy vibe to them where I feel like I’m in some dark, forest rave at like 5am and the sun is starting to come up, kinda nostalgic even though I didn’t rave during this era? I also have his album With Love, but its all like, trap kinda? It’s totally different, its not bad, but not what I was looking for.

I’ve read that this album was supposed to be “the rave album of the 90s that was never made” or something like that, what other artists make music like this? What music/artists is this album sort of trying to be a throwback to?

die boomstick

*Die! boomstick?!

Die! and boomstick!?

Do you think Zomby was even there in '92?

Just wondering.

Lol thats what I was saying, the album seems to be like a tribute, so I figure theres gotta be a lot more music like that, or even people making stuff like that now so I was wondering whom to check out

this is nice. maybe something a bit darker?

i fucking love this tune:


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Check out the Suburban Base 25 compilation. I thought it was a nice introduction to hardcore through to jungle.