Music Video Production


I was looking at some music industry data and found that:

In other words, the money is and will be in music videos on YouTube.

So I thought I’d open a thread on music video production. I know some people have made some so post 'em, discuss 'em.

I vaguely remember watching this one high last year.


I made a few in the past few years, a lot of fun to work on. This one’s prob my fav that I’ve worked on so far.

this one is really good imo, its just someone who took animation from somewhere else and re-purposed it for this tune but it works so fucking well

animation source:

(the music video version is much more effective imo haha)

another honorable mention of re-purposing other material


What software is used for music video production?

I have no clue about the video side of things.


I use Cinema 4d to model and animate and Octane to render out those animations. Adobe Premiere to edit.

Been having fun with Cathodemer lately as well which is a software video synth+crt emulator.

Resolume is also super fun for “video-dj’ing” and I’ve been using that in conjunction with cathodeemer to make some ‘live’ music video experiments. Pretty refreshing to have some realtime results compared to how time consuming and painstaking the animation/render based projects are.

heres one I made while learning Cathodemer recently:

cathodemer demo:


I’ve used Resolume a long time ago. Do you sync the video and audio in Ableton?


no i dont use ableton for any of the video stuff, I know it has some video capabilities but never explored them tbh.

usually a matter of doing the maths and storyboarding a project properly + lots of ridiculously tedious hours in Premiere for the render based stuff and just do it by feel when im experimenting with the realtime video synth stuff ( i use an apc40 which is midi mapped to cathodemer for hands-on control when recording those)


Hey, this post is a great idea. I´ve been looking lately for info as I would like to learn how to make short videos for my songs. My idea is kind of “videosampling” using Premiere for simple editing and then use something like resolume, afterfx or a vst software for Ableton called “Ebosuite” which work as a proper video sampler.
At this moment I’m a lil bit loss as I’ve never work much with those software, but if something nice come up I will post it here in the future.
I’m looking for video libraries, do you know any kind of website for this?


You could try for free film footage.

Some interesting stuff in here. I might need a better computer for video processing.

Another interesting idea is more like demoscene stuff. Like write a graphics program to randomly generate the video and chuck that over the music.