Music/waste dump

Hello dubsteppers and non dubsteppers alike

here are some ‘songs’ from 2010-2017

some are not finished, some run out for 2 minutes with nothing but silence, some are quiet some are LOUD, some unlistenable. it’s called the waste cos i guess it is just waste really…sitting in my computer doing nothing, not pleasing anyone… if they were physical things they’d have dust on em…

this is not a promo or a big retirement announcement just me facilitating you to listen to sounds i made , i thought of doing something for charity but the idea of connecting a charitable thing with particularly and just my music and the spotlight shifting back onto the beats at any point at all is a bit nasty…i don’t think its fair/right to do it, hmmm

suppose these are ones that slipped through the net,

some stuff in there has been played by a couple DJ’s in mixes n the like, if thats what turns you on them ‘exclusive’ dubs … :confused:

some stuff has been overlooked by every fucker on the planet

others havent been heard by anyone but my lovely self …

it’s yours to use, dislike, delete, love, hate as you please, if you share it with friends and what ever else or dj with it or even fall in the bath with it then that would be ace :slight_smile:

if you want to know any more about any tracks in particular or if there are versions that you want different quality so you can use, if they aint suitable…if anyone want to vox them or speak over them hmu, i can make abridged or edited to be less arsey versions of them though don’t hold us to any particular timescale ! :-?


p.s - it’s a big file, 115 ‘tracks’, only good if you have good internet i imagine.

if you want them posted to you on a stick then you will have to paypal me the postage and the cost of a stick…

i’ll send reciepts n that with those instances.