Must die! growl help

Hello guys :smiley: I’m very new here DSF forum.
I was wondering how does MUST DIE! make these very sick growls and it is the time to reveal his sound. (0:44~) (0:55)

He said producers should not ask how to make these sound in his peep tv interview… but honestly it will be soooo cool if there’s someone gives me some clue. Forgive me Must Die!, rip me.
By the way, Must die! tweeted about those ppl trying to recreate his bass patch on youtube are too complicated and not so accurate.

I know something like, he uses extremely easy patch for this on massive.
For the post processing of the bass, he uses OTT and sausage fattener???(If this info is wrong tell me the truth please lol.) I think I’m going to share what I know about how he makes his tunes more.

For example, I tried to recreate this The Drop growl, I almost reach the real sound with using SawⅠ in osc1, double notch filter and 100% wet and pitch all way up of sample&hold and a lot of pitch bend. For the post processing used OTT and delay.

I know a lot of people are sick of trying to figure out how those skrillex style bass is made.
but, i guess if I found super accurate of Must Die! sound, we can use the knowhow to make great individual signature patch.
I’m gonna upload my patch and Screenshot to help the future producers if I got accurate patch.

Sorry for my English 2 bad. Cheers

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