Must Die! Riddim bass

So I was wondering How in the heavens is Must Die! making his Riddim basses (I suck at making basses like that btw :smiley: I never know where to start)

I am speaking about these: (at 0:55 / 0:56)

and (at 0:52)

Any tips would be highly appreciated !

When it comes to making those Riddim syle basses in general, I personally like to make sure I do not go too crazy with phase and distortion right off the bat, instead I choose a wave table with some cool bits in it ( like Massives Kanga or Carbon ) and from there I mess around with some filters in serial. Band pass, Double notch and Comb will be your best friends.

You can try using multiple voices with restart via gate on too.

These basses are like making growls, all of this can either make or break the sound.


thanks for the tips dude appreciate it !

this guy did a pretty good job on one of his sounds…perhaps start here