Muting users

How do you Mute users? I have added to my Mute Users list, but their posts are still displaying.

i think @4ndY posted solution somewhere in Meta

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post some names


Nope, didn’t work. Can still see him.

you have so much hate contained in you dear

why dont you relax a bit or talk about it

The time for talking is over.

lol what a pain in the ass to block some1


yeah but it is better now. New AND improved.



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Forcing inclusivity and discussion should be more in focus than letting people with lacking social skills, carve out a corner to talk with themselves in!

good on riking

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Maybe THE COLLECTIVE is right. Maybe you and I should put our differences to one side and start a life together in THE COLLECTIVE.

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So what’s the beef?

I dont have any problems with you at all.
Slight issue when people pose an opinion as gospel but thats it and I know I can be annoying and sorry for that :+1:

I.e., :+1: your ass, tabasco.


Hey, tabasco, what’d you change your name from right now?

And what is up with hubb, it is like he just got a new chip installed or something? +5 to the jingoism, or something.

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I think I’ve had that hippie chip on my shoulder for time

but jingoism is a good term to get to know which i havent recognized so thumbs… sideways?

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