My dubstep remix of Zedd's Clarity

This is my remix of that ever popular EDM track. All the synths were designed by me, and music composed by me (outside of the vocal stems of course). I tried my best to make it sound really different from the original, and really make it my own. So I changed the key to minor, and used completely different chord progressions that I thought complimented the vocals in a different way. I would love to hear your thoughts!


I think this one is like 10x better than the other one i commented on, really like it. Kinda feeling the same effect though - Synths are supposed to have a huge presence but the vocals easily over power them. You could compress the vox and side chain it to the kick or top synth just to give it some head room or try EQing a couple strong frequencies. I think your snare cuts in a bit too much at times here, i think you could automate the volume or maybe hi-cut it, then have it build in during the verse so that it builds momentum instead of kind of sitting on top of the vocals the whole time.
remember when they released the stems, they could have had compression on the track but since they just bounced the voxtrack solo, i don’t think the compression data would also master out into the vox.
Other than those extremely small things, i think it was fucking awesome.