My first dubstep song I have finished

Hello guys. I just registered on this forums. I’d like to get some constructive feedback on my newest song. My friends can’t really give it. They only can tell if the song is good or not :grinning:

Change up the snare some. It’s very common and applying some effects or choosing a different one would help make your track stand out. I like 0:00 - 0:08, its nice, but the synth sounds very circus - like after that. That piano in the back after 0:08 would be better if you either had that or the circus synth, but not both. The laser sound at 0:25 ish is very good. The beat is nice and I think the hi hats before 0:53 should stay all throughout the song. The buildup is exaggerated and doesn’t really serve its purpose, as its way too quick. I would just silence the song or have something quiet, then go into the hard synth at 1:20 straight away. The ghost - wailing should be at a lower pitch, it helps change up the track, but it drowns out most of the beat and other synths. Make it quieter. Great track after 1:49, wouldn’t change any of it. I think you should keep that darker sound in the whole track and do away with the circus sound at the beginning. It seems like there are just some conflicting parts of the track that switch constantly. Go for one focus and keep it that way throughout.

Change snare
Remove some of the higher pitches
Choose dark sounding or happy, quick or slow, but keep it with minor switches if you want


Big thanks for that comment. I really appreciate constructive critique like that! Do you mean for that build up it is overall way too loud and there should be like lighter feeling so the drop would feel very bassish and hard after the build up? Other things i got very clearly and will work on them.

Tbh it is pretty hard listen to own track from pov of the real listener. Comments like this will help a lot of to get the track slightly better. Sorry for my english, it is not the best, but I think you can get the idea of my comment.

Your English is pretty good! And yes, I do mean that the build up is too loud. Having the lighter feeling keeps more suspense and smoothly goes into the drop. You can also stretch out the buildup more and keep it minimal, like big room does. But once again, this depends on the direction of your track, whether its supposed to be deep or closer to brostep.

sidechain that shit brah. Lots of good stuff happening but the next thing you should learn is how to sidechain so your kick and snare don’t sound like they are wimpy afterthoughts. Listen to what you have…compare the kick and snare to your synths…they need to be inverted on a intensity scale. Your kick and snare need to be up front to drive the track and your synths need to fall in behind them. If you can switch this around, your track will have a lot more energy. Always build a track around your kick and snare so that you never cover them up because they have to be strong and energetic.

Make a bus, route everything through it (cept the kick and snare) and sidechain basically your entire track and that will let the kick and snare punch. You can prob get away with turning your bus gain down by 2-3 db to help the kick and snare come out. I mix relative to 0db so this may be nonsense to you but my kick and snares hit at 0db and my synths come in at least -2 db…that could be completely meaningless to what you do but that gives you a decent reference to where your synth should be in comparison to your drum hits.

The mix needs a little more control so things like your sweeps, shakers, and trap snares are waaaay too loud compared to everything else. It does seem like there is a trend where anything with a higher end frequency is too harsh and sticks out in front so maybe your monitoring isn’t quite letting you hear what is going on up there. Its ok but just learn your monitors and reference the high end very closely with other tracks instead of making it sound good. It might sound good on your monitoring system but you could be over doing it for some reason.

On a good note…I like your composition. I think that your phrasing and placement of synths is on point. It reminds me of Spag Heddy a bit. The track is really interesting so if it was just mixed better, it would be pretty solid.

Bass Bass Bass Have you got sub in there i think i can just hear it sounds a bit tinny though