My first Dubsteptrack. Looking for critique

I’ve been waiting for a long time to post this here. Don’t worry its not totally noobish, actually I am making music since a long time. Its just that only in the last 2 years or so I was seriously trying to get good at making electronic music since I have discovered Dubstep.

This track has been a very long time in the making. I think I’ve came across the initial melodyline about two years ago or so.I have been working on and off on it an a lot in the last past month.

It didn’t turn out totally like I wanted it to be, but its now at a stage where I can say that its okay.
So here it is.

I feel like you have too many ideas going here, think you should simplify whats going on a little bit and it will have more impact.

I also feel like the stereo image is way too wide on the whole mix.

Interesting. I allways assumed a mix basically coulnd’t be wide enough. Also maybe I’ve overdone it with too much stuff going on, but I felt I somehow had to fill the audiospectrum with noises and stuff.
Anyway, thank you for your input.

Having elements really wide in the mix is typically good, but here since everything is wide it gets a bit ‘smeared’.

It’s all about having a contrast from the center to the edges of the mix IMO. Makes the wide elements really pop out.

Keep at it tho man!

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Got it. Thanks again.

Pretty decent mate! I like it

Cool, thanks. A lot of work whent into it.