My first somewhat serious song

This is the first song I’ve put effort and sweat into, I’d say about 5-12 hours has gone into this song (lots of trial and error and goofing around). I want this to be as good as I can get it without changing any core elements (the main drop idea and the vocals, I love the vocals). I want people to nit pick at this song, for example: “I think at this time (insert time here) the hi hats aren’t loud enough”. Hopefully I can make this better with some help. I only know 2 people that like dubstep in general but nobody that has ever produced or actually gets into it/knows a fair amount and has good judgement. Thanks for any help or criticism I can get!

You nailed a lot of stuff right off the bat. I could be specific on what i didn’t like, but it could honestly be just opinionated small stuff. Id say the greatest thing i noticed was your synthesis and sequencing. You’re synths sound like you downloaded them as a premede patch. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all I’m just saying i got that feel, and i also noticed your rhythm and sequencing on your drop line feels shaky over the drums. Im gonna go out on a limb and say you had a tough time writing the bassline, like you said - trial and error. My advice: Once you get a line you like - Sit down and listen to it over your drums for 30 minutes. Seriously, just listen to it and take problem notes that don’t sit on time, or are too on time (yes thats a thing), and move them around by just a tiny bit. This creates a unique swing to your line, and makes a great damage.
Last gripe: Add a sub-bass. This is dubstep you need more bass man. And make sure it goes along with your top bass-line

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it’s not my kind of music, but if it’s your first beat then congrats, you’re doing well.

honestly, don’t bother spending another 12 hours trying to do finishing touches on this tune, and don’t make a soundcloud yet and start trying to promo yourself.
the best thing you can do right now is to just make more tunes. abandon this one (“art is never finished, only abandoned”) and push forward - a little while down the line you’ll either come back to this track and make improvements to it using the knowledge you gained from writing new stuff, or you’ll listen back to this one and say “lol i was such a noob” and then go off and write stuff which you think is better.

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Actually the bassline was the easiest and fastest thing I made, Besides changing it a bit as I built on the song, the main idea was the same. I also felt the same thing about it lacking bass, but I just pushed that thought aside. As for the synths they actually were presets although I try to tweak presets I use somewhat or at least look through them and see what makes them sound the way they do. Hopefully I can learn from this song and work on another better one.