My new EP(Just Another Day) is almost done and I'm looking for some feedback

So I’ve been working on this EP for quite some time now and i’m one song short from being done. This might not be for you but if it is, feedback is welcome.

Sup breh
Arrangement: 8/10
You seem to be pretty damn good at arranging your tracks. The energy builds naturally, or slaps down out of no where with a filthy drop. Only good things to say here. There are parts that get a bit repetitive but thats pretty hard to avoid.
Sampling: 8/10
Doesn’t sound like you use the most imaginative sampling when you build your drum kits or synth racks, however you use really good vocal samples and hooks that really keep the energy high and bring together a lot of transitions. Big ups for that man! Recommendations would be to look around for drum packs and start using a wider variety of samples and layering them to create unique drum hits that don’t sounds strait from the 808 Kit.
Sequencing: 7/10
Yes! those intro’s! so smooth, so beautiful! good job! I wish i could say the same for the drops. Not, gonna lie - feels like a lot of them are just the same note automated to different rhythms, lfo’s, cutoffs. Try bringing your complex brooding chord complex feel of intros into your drops. There are a lot of sections that don’t feel that way as well, but that was something i felt worth mentioning.
Sequencing: 6/10
I feel like your in the right headspace, i really do. It feels like the intro for KOI and Crwd Go are a little close in synthesis with the keys. The bass’s are all sort of cliche massive presset’s off youtube. Im pretty sure i have all of these. I might sound like a huge asshole, but its how i feel. I think that if you really want to make that impact your need to sit down and start working on your synthesis for each track to really build that NASTY, GRAINY, GROWLY, bass that your aiming for in these super loud drops. Try layering basses. Try different processing methods, Phase distortion, Autofiltering, Stereo Delay, TRY TURNING THE REVERB ROOM SPACE DOWN, it massively impacts where it sits in the mix and its overall loudness. Try Exporting your baselines and re importing them over the original. Try some new VST’s. IDK whatever you need to do, because once you dial this in, with combination of your good sampling use, Ideal arrangement, and strait forward sequencing, your gonna make some DOPE TUNES. Just my opinion, Thanks for reading, heres my latest EP.