NaaR - Charlie

Drop in your tracks so that I can listen to it and give my feedback…Thanks…

Here you go guys!
Its a Private Link…

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Would absolutely love some feedback on this track. It is the first track that I will be completing on Ableton after months of learning. I know it’s not great but as I said I’m new to this and I’m here to learn.

Thank You!!

PS, your soundcloud link doesn’t seem to be working…

I have updated the link bruv!

I tried playing ur track…I couldnt play it for some reason!.. can u upload on soundcloud?


Nice track man! Loved the atmospheric sound and the bass worked really well to add to the atmosphere. Could definitely learn a thing or two from you.

Ok so I uploaded my track to sound cloud, let me know if it works. I feel like it’s missing something, not sure if it’s the structure or just lead elements but yeah would like to finally finish my first song. Anyway, any feedback is welcome, no matter how negative it may seem haha.

Bro it s a pretty nice track…ur creative flows are nice…U could may be put some more variation towards the end mayb some more surprise elements!!

Keep It Up!
U can post ur updates here Ill check again!

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Thank, I appreciate the advice!

Latest update:

let me know:v:

Fixed the prob.

Since you seem to know what you doing, I have a questoin. Do you master your own tracks? I only learned about mastering today (luckily its only my first song and its still private). I noticed that my sound levels of my song werent right and figured out that it’s because it has not been mastered.

So I followed some youtube videos on mastering and attempted to master the track (not uploaded yet) and it sounds pretty good. Im suspicious though because as far as i can tell mastering sounds like quite a difficult job.

Really nice track, I felt as though something was maybe missing, something to do with the beat maybe? Could maybe have a sharper snare or clap but I’m really not sure. Otherwise the bass line took my on a nice journey at the end which was cool.

yeah I master my own tracks…even though I’m not certified for it…I use non-recommended unconventional way to master my tracks…the whole point of mastering is to get the overall levels up may b( don’t quote me anywhere)…and the point of mixing is to gel in the sounds…I prefer this way of working…

Thanks for ur feedback…even i thought it was missing something…
Ill work on it…
Bro i just think u need to master ur track now man…its cool that u have such a creative flow…
I have to force my self for something like this… :wink:

Thanks I really appreciate it. Since I’ve never mastered before I’m going to try something kinda interesting, going to use LANDR to do a free Master and then I am going to attempt my own master on Ableton and compare the two.

But let me know when you update the song, keen to hear it :v:

Here u go!

I feeel kinda lazy changing this track!

Haha maybe take a day off and then continue to work on it. gets a bit monotinous listing to the same song everyday. But it’s sound great!

Here is the final version of my song: