Need help cleaning up my bass sound

Hey guys, Just making some dubstep tunes after about a year and a half and I’m trying to come up with this bass sound but it sounds too muddy and complicated. I just need some tips on how I can tame the sound and make it sound cleaner.

Alright the link should be working. Sorry

I think u mean below 200hz bro bcoz the snare should have a little boost at exactly 200hz but below is not needed :wink:

Bro i think u need to filter the midrange bass and EQ it more precisely…so that the sub is more clear and the mix is more coherent. Also boost ur snare at 200hz a few db. Also u should boost ur sub bass at about 50hz and dip it around 160hz then boost ur kick at 160hz that way they gel together perfectly and both are very clear and separated. All the best brother :slight_smile:

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Changed the sound a bit. Tell me what you guys think i should improve on

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where is the link to hear bro?