Need help with making a Mr Fingers/early house music song or sound

Hello! I’m a big fan of like 80s 90s house Todd terry, Mr Fingers but I need help on making the sound I use FL Studio 12 but I’m a nood somewhat , help please!

sample a chord

thats what they did

If you mean something like this…

then it’ll be an analog synth patch and a 909

These videos are for Ableton, but the principles in terms of composition/sound design are the same.

Hey they wouldn’t have 1 for fl?

A analog synth patch ?

legowelt being a ledge sampled a ton of his vintage drum machines and synths to his site, sure you’ll find some great house synths there

i really like these guys free soft synths too, this and the bass one are free and sound great- maybe a bit too sawtoothy sound for that style of house but play around with it they have a nice vintage sound with character

it’s not a style i’ve worked with that much though but i think there’s a lot to be said for getting the right chord to get that vibe

sampled pads are easy af and just work (those legowelt samples rkm posted have some nice Juno samples, etc that would work well)

otherwise for older sounding synths my go to VST is Synth1, can get some really nice raw and gritty sounds out of it

They ruined this style. the jacking house bros have now moved on to stuff like this. IE they make this type shit now. heard this fucking tune on the radio the other night. completely meaningless

Jackin house was a huge part of the early east coast house movement in general.
The stuff that inspired Madonna - Vogue was jackin house.

That boring big room sound that’s doing the rounds in the UK, has the basic
chord patterns, but it has nothing to do with it really. Nowadays, what I would describe
as jackin, is hard hitting house music with little focus on melody. Mr. G tends
to play a lot of this stuff in a late slot.

Anyway, talking about sub genres gets tedious fast :slight_smile:

You don’t need it to be DAW specific. Those videos contain the basic principles in terms of sound design and composition.

You just need to replicate it for your own setup.

yeah you know your shit I give u that. didn’t know whether it was the right term. barely know any jacking house tbh but iirc it had some plucky stabby basses and shuffly drums so it definitely fits better than “deep house” to describe the boring bait shite that’s been all the rage for the past 2 yrs

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yeah, you’re basically right but you’re doing the same ting you always do when someone seeks advice about something. you give them unrealistically hard solutions. the guy is a beginner looking for an instant gratification, he’s not gonna go through the trouble of “transcribing” the tutorials to his own daw. it’s pretty hard also tbh given that different daws have drastically different UI:s, workflows and features, although in the end they give more or less the same results. there’s no really point of doing this either since at best all you’ll learn is how to do the same thing in a totally different daw you’re prolly not gonna ever even use.

also YT is filled with FL tuts so there’s not even actual need for doing it that way.

well dam seeesh sorry im a beginner guy

ok thanks i will wish and try my best thanks

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I’m an FL user myself, so if you’ve got more specific questions feel free to send me a PM :slight_smile:

lol aww great man thanks any tips videos and hints is greatly welcomed man

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pm please idk how lol