Need some advice on this

I’ve been in a rut of just making loops, which I like to do, but I’m kinda stuck on this one. I want to make it around a minute or maybe 1.5 minutes.

but I’ve just been having a lot of trouble filling space in this sample I rearranged. Any advice?

some things i try when stuck in loop purgatory:
-time stretch drums in new layer, sidechain entire loop to timestretched drums (but leave the new layer muted so its sidechaining but not audible)
-Start a new project
-Ditch the instruments and try out some new ones
-change the bpm drastically
-wank and drink a beer
-drink whiskey
-drink a beer
-start a new project

  • add a loop or element that doesnt match the vibe of the loop at all
    -start splitting the drums and instruments into layers (hi,mid,low etc) and distorting/effecting them differently
    -drink a beer
    -set up a send with a stupid fx chain, play with automating various elements to that send (sidechain the send to elements of the tune for added fun)
    -look at and ebay for expensive gear that youre convinced will make your tunes better (bonus points if you’ve had enough beers at this point to drunkenly buy something with your grocery money)

Haha thanks. Looks like I need to buy some beer.

Messed with stretching and some shit and got this.

A lot more interesting and actually can do stuff to it. Thanks a lot man
Only problem is the drums don’t fit the mood anymore :badteeth:

Needs more congas innit. :badteeth:

but srsly - yeah, the drums needs more space now. Maybe change up that hat pattern to a clave beat and remove any that fall on the accent hits?

Yeah those drums have way too much energy now. I’ll have to make a new snare. I want to try to add some more energy back into it. I feel like that’s a really good background but I want some more too it.