Nero Basses / Leads / Design?

I haven’t really seen any discussion really that much on Nero’s sound design and really want to know how they get some of their leads and basses/reeses (non growls). With their new album dropping this month (which I am infatuated with) I am really curious if anyone can help me get in the general direction? Even YouTube doesn’t really have anything besides their record Satisfy.

Specifically talking about their basses like Reaching Out, Guilt, or leads in Dark Skies, and The Thrill.

Sandard reese, generic distortions applied, second reese has a LP cutoff LFO on it and is layered with the first. There’s also lots of pitchbending on the synths in the second drop.

Dark Skies
There’s a constant wub, maybe playing quarter notes? That’s doable with a simple saw with distortion and LP Cutoff envelopes/LFOs.
Then there’s a lead that sounds a little more like a fake/toy guitar. I’d do this with saws again, saturation, flanging and/or chorus, as well as phasing.

That bass-lead is just a couple of layered saw tooths, maybe some LP filter cutoff automation over time too.
That second lead that comes in is kind of the same principle, possibly using more wave shapes and higher octaves.

Reaching Out
If you have massive, you’ll want it for this one.
Take two saws and link them to separate filters. Pitch one down and keep it LP.
Pitch the other one up and set it to notch or comb and automate it so that it sounds a dynamic as the note sustains.
Probably fuck about with distortion there-in/after.

thanks for this! I will try all these out / experiment :smiley: