Netanyahu appreciation mix (Muslimgauze, Gantz and more)

Palestinian Student Karmel Group - Watani Laysa Hakiba
Zentash Gigawatt - Found In The Desert
Muslimgauze - Under Black Light
Twinkle Riddim Section - Jerusalem In Dub
Gantz - Spry Sinister
Pinch - Qawwali
Compa - Narabeh
Kahn & Neek - Thief In The Law
Old Apparatus - Schwee
Shackleton - Hamas Rule
Mala - Maintain Thru Madness
Quest - Vampires
Peter Tosh - Anti-Apartheid
Horsepower Productions - Kingstep
Gantz - Pseudoo
Vex’d - Smart Bomb
Mohammad - Adar Toli
Roly Porter - Al Dhanab
Muslimgauze - Tel-Aviv Nail Bomb
El Mahdy Jr - Last Breath


any chance for d/l?


This sounds sick

Ye, download would be nice

This is very nice, bet in Netanyahu’s favourites by now. Peace.

You have some interesting sounding mixes man, going to be digging through these.
D/ls would be sweet for sure

Best collection of mixes around tbf, been going through these for a while.

Still need to get round to listening to this; +1 on the download link if possible… don’t get much time to stream stuff anymore.

thanks for the kind words guys :heart_eyes:

DL link:


this is the best. brilliant

reviving this old ass thread because i recorded a follow-up to this particular mix

Moondog - Avenue Of The Americas
Yair Elazar Glotman - On Forgetting (Prelude)
Muslimgauze - Ways Of Faith (Part 1)
Shackleton - Tin Foil Sky
Air Max ’97 - Profanations
Vatican Shadow - Ziad Jarrah Studied Mathematics
Gantz & El Mahdy Jr - Rising
Sleeper - Prayer Room
Kahn - Tehran
Boofy - Truncheon
Sleeper & Mesck - Fukka
Alix Perez - Lifeline
Headland - Levy
Commodo x Gantz x Kahn - Bitchcraft
Opus - Newspeak
Commodo - S Is For Snakes
TMSV & Van Dam - Qanun Fodder
Egoless - Decolonize
Ryo Murakami - Pray
Mark Lee Allen & The Driver Brothers - The Oil Field Is Burning