NEW 17 Ableton & 8 Massive Video Tutorials w/ Downloads

New Ableton Live tutorials for the first half of 2015

17 New tutorials

Using Sampler for Multiple Tuned Drums in a Rack [Free Rack]
Finding the Root Note of Percussion… or any sample!
Pitch Riser via Simpler & Simple Delay [Free Rack]
Quick Tip : Revert to Factory Default Preset
Coding a Custom Lessons Panel for Your Packs
Guitar Rig | Amps & Cabinets [Free Rack]
Standard Mastering Device Chain template [Free Rack]
Making a Default Audio FX Rack with a Dry / Wet Selector [Free Rack]
Akai Cyclic Time Stretch FX Emulation
Embedding Sends & Returns in Drum Racks | 4 Ways to add FX
UK Bass Rack Walk-Through [Free Rack]
Cruchy Punchy Drum EQ & FX Rack Walk-Through [Free Rack]
Beat Repeat Build Ups & Break Downs
Future Bass Rack [Free Rack]
Auto Build Up Box (riser) [Free Rack]
Trance Lead Instrument Rack [Free Rack]
Building a Dubstep Kick with Operator | 4 videos [Free Rack]

New Massive Tuorials for the first half of 2015

8 New tutorials

Ableton + Massive | How to Save Time via Workflow
Keyboard / Midi Clip Velocity Sensitivity
ARP – Square / Saw Template [Free Patch]
Synth – Deep House Pluck [Free Patch]
Lead – Glitch Hop Energy Lead [Free Patch]
FX – Super Mario Bros Jump Sound [Free Patch]
FX – Downshifter [Free Patch]
Bass – Reggae / Garage Bass Patch Design [Free Patch]