New Artist - Extraterrestrial Music?

Here’s a recently finished piece. It sounds good to me especially on the system that it was created on. Of course I don’t have the secrets to universal mastering so it seems to vary in quality from one system to another. But I think you will still enjoy it, which is why I put it on here. Our extraterrestrial friends are smiling upon us and hopefully are ready to help this planet.

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And I am open to feedback. i pretty much gave up on the mastering thing cuz i had to hit the road and was getting very tired of trial and error bouncing and uploading different equalizations and compressions of the same song. i had it sounding good on the raw file on the computer but compressing the format from WAV to MP3 for the internet kept completely changing the whole dynamic. and now im listening to it with small headphones in comparison to the large headphones and speakers i was mastering on, and the low-mid frequencies are way too overbearing… feeling like i got production down. just need help mastering.