New at making remixes - Want brutal honest opinions on things

Hey everyone, I’ve been attempting to produce tracks for many moons, more than I want to admit. Recently I pushed myself to start finishing tracks as all I did before was get caught in loops. I would like to present a remix I am working on and would like any input on it whatsoever. If this is the wrong spot, then I am sorry. It’s also not dubstep, it’s 116BPM Electro but has heavy influence from Dubstep/Drumstep.

This track is not mastered at all other than being pushed through a limiter so it won’t be loud and will be a bit muddy but I would still like some input. Thanks everyone.

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I had to find the original first to compare the changes. I like how much of this is actually your own! It’s definitely a complete re-imagining of the original, so props for that. I like the sound design a lot. Good automation. Nice manipulation of the original vocals. The mix sounds good too. Great job!

Thanks man! The way I’ve done my last two remixes is just picking the vocals out and maybe another small stem and working with it. I also never listen to the original track first, just the stems. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into the original’s style. I also don’t want to disappoint myself while working on it because it doesn’t sound as good as the original. So far I’m liking the results of this process!

Thanks again for your input!