New Burial...?

Thoughts on the new Burial tunes?

nice m e m e

heard like three versions of young death. i hope the one i liked is the real one

lol everyone is uploading troll tunes, finally found the real one:


Dj Luck & Mc Neat - Little bit of luck

one of the troll tracks

wonder when we’ll actually get a preview…heard it was sold by mistake?

5 copies in Toronto from Sonic Boom yea. They are up on scogs.

apparently it’s these

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rough sleepr been to bandcamp. Woiiiiiiiiiiiii

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for fucks just go burials bandcamp. these dont even sound like him.

i cant hear a difference between uk garage and piss take garage

thats why baseline is so infinitely better and honest

u need a scooter to sing or rap that bad

Honestly I found the new tunes a bit zzz… He should make more like, EDM DNB or something.


He needs to up his synthesis skills, massive and sylenth1 are a must if he wants to get featured on ukf dubstep, drops need to be at 0:55 seconds in, so I can make comments like dropped like B0:55.

I’ve listed to the new tracks all day today. They have grown a bit on me than at the first few listens Prefer the night market track.

Still not the best from him.

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Yeah those troll uploads were me (check the username), sorry guys :wink:

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