New Dubstep Track... Feedback Please!

There’s no dynamics, everything sounds very flat (look at the waveform it tells the whole story). sub is lacking, overall structure is a bit confusing. sometimes less is more; too many elements coming in and vanishing again at seemingly random intervalls.

Ok I understood what you meant with the dynamics… i could add some more rise and falls. I didnt understand what you meant with the missing sub and structure. Help me with improving the structure becouse im not quite sure what you mean. But thank you for the feedback thats important too me.

Not trying to insult you but I personally think this is pretty generic sounding. The Zomboy approach has kind of faded and there’s not much new you can do with it, but regardless of structure and sound I think you really need to work on mixing. Every element sounds like it’s at the same volume level and that’s a problem. What @jrkhnds said about sub is especially important because the whole backbone of the dubstep sound is based on the sub bass. So IMO you should try bringing all the levels down, turn off the master compression which I’m guessing there is on your master channel and just try getting a really clean sound without any compression or limiting on the master.