New Dubstep Tune in 80 Bpm


I know the mixing and mastering isnt perfect, because my laptop is so shitty!
But give me please some Feedback!


I liked the low end sounds, the bass and so on.

The jangley sound was annoying and some of the other higher pitch frequencies in the track I thought were annoying.

  1. dubstep is 140/70bpm
  2. dubstep is 140/70bpm
  3. your song sounds uninspired and devoid of elements that make it pop
  4. your patches are weak
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Thanks @dansci :slight_smile: really good feedback :joy:

@PAULPABLO_PABLO i worked at the higher frequencies and load it up tomorrow

Gotta agree with Dansci. The only element I like is the sampled metallic shaker in the background and perhaps the percussion.The rest just sounds a little…blah you know? And BPM is important, this sounds more electro or so.

@dansci You Trump! :sob: :jointrasta:

@Soul_Of_Seun I dont think that Bpm is important for an genre…thats really constrained
there is many more like samples, atmosphere, sythesis, structure…so…bring dubstep new influences !

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Disko Rekah is 147bpm

Yea I disagree dubstep doesn’t have to be 140 BPM. Thats half the reason it’s quite a stale sound sometimes.

Nice synth work but I reckon you may be able to benefit by adding more effects :slight_smile:

I mean i can see dubstep being 145 maybe 150… but 160-170 pushes it into drumstep territory. My frustration is with a lot of american edm people calling anything wih a growl bass dubstep even though its like 125 bpm.

Yea but drumstep is a stupid ass name. It’s just fast dubstep right. Idk I think if it has garage or dub influence and deep bass lines or what ever it can be dubstep regardless of tempo idk.

But drumstep is a deriviative of like jump up and dnb… and most brostep artists get their synth lineage from dnb producers not from the og garrage people.

It is pretty bro noisey

funny tune! i really like the very deep wobble, is it a synth? curious how you made that noise