New Electronic Artist "Fennec Fox?"

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not many people are going for this down tempo glitchy feel anymore. I love it. Great job. I do have some pointers/ things i noticed:
It feels like your arrangements are pretty solid. The energy seems to build nice and it transitions at logical times. I didn’t really notice any samples. Remember, tooooooo many people need lyrics and words to latch onto songs. While most musical people are indifferent to it, i can honestly say %90 of people i know have a hard time enjoying music without words. You could totally get away with it with this melodic and rhythmically exciting kind of style. Try some clips for the tag line, or some poetic quotes at moments of silence. Really anything to give it a personal feel. Next, i noticed your sequencing was a bit weak. If your building these songs with just a drum kit, a synth, and a bass patch, that means you probably don’t have that many tracks. I work with like 100-150 tracks at a time and have a hard time keeping track of them, but YOU probably can build your tunes a bit easier. This allows you to reaaaallly hone in on your sequencing. Get in there and REALLY work on it. Like highlight 8 bars and just listen to it repetitively and move around things. You want your hits to be slightly off time. I like to drag my hats a tiny bit behind my kicks and snares, and then off time a couple snares. This creates a swing feel. You can do the same thing with your melody so that it goes with the swing. The most minute differences can dramatically increase the energy in a tune. Experimental rhythms often are the best. I can elaborate on this subject if it still doesn’t make sense. Lastly, i wanted to touch on your synthesis which is just a big mess man sorry to say. Sounds like your rummaging through presets, adding reverb, and then adding a autopanner. every single one is spinning around my head. don’t get me wrong i love panning, its beautiful and i use it on all my tunes, but man you gotta be careful. It sounds like shit on bad speakers, or any system with just one speaker. Especially when its your main patch and holding your tune together - and carries the rhythm; its not a good idea to have super strong panning on it. Just bounce the track out, add it on top of the original and lower the volume and pan that so that you have something in the center of your track at all times. The other reason its kind of dangerous to have these super panned main lines is that, when you go to add sub-bass to your patch so that the sound is fuller - you won’t want to pan it at all (you shouldn’t be panning bass) so then you will have a interfering bass under your moving melody. Overall, i would just experiment with some different synthesis techniques my man.

Once again not trying to kill your vibe or be an asshole - i honestly like what you’ve done so far (fennec foxes are awesome) and my favorite tune was probably synapse - I’m just trying to give you as much advice so you learn something you might not have known. Message me if you wanna talk more, and check out my stuff if you want to see what i make -

Thankyou heaps for taking the time to write a reply, alot of really good points being made, I think the reason i went without vocals and samples is I wanted to start off with something instrumental so that on stage i wouldn’t have to lyrically/vocally perform live for my first few gigs untill i settle in, but I will be doing more vocal stuff especially rap in the future and working with other artists. The best point you made was the panning, for me I really like lots of movement in my songs but I do get what you mean that theres TOO much movement and im not leaving any solid middle tracks/frequencies, so I’m gonna revise that technique and hold back on it a bit, Its the second time its been mentioned as well so even though I like it i guess its making people feel dizzy and like you said doesnt translate well to mono or a singular speaker so ill tone it all down make it more solid, also wont pan any sub frequencies although I dont think that was intended it may have been accidental as I already try and make my tracks like an upside down triangle, movement up top solid down bottom but can be done better, thanks again! Also Im diggin your stle aswell keep it up, Muerte sounded great! If you ever wanna collaborate down the track let me know