New grime thats not 130 or 'weightless' or whatever ppl call that stuff

Post new mcs/mc freestyles tunes you rate. getting bored of the same bars from the older lot
(yes i know these mcs have been around for time too)

i was just saying last night in the vocals thread i wanted 1 for new mcs

lot of work getting put out atm

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Add to this thread when you hear a good new vocal pals

that low tunes quite hard.
i was proper skeptical at first by the grime trap crossover tunes but im starting to rate then a lot now (incuding the new breed of road rap in this). growing into its own thing.

like most things it really depends on the guy making the tune and the type of vocal on it, this is an example i think that works. another is this:

some of it sounds so shit tho. EG: Fekky’s new mixtape is shite.

yeah i rate merky ace. fekkys always been shit tho lol

yeah. like this 1 i really like the rapping and the beat is aite but really like lazy “trap” tune that we’ve all heard bare

this ep. dude has got passion

yeah thats not the best inst

is that the black acre records? the one who hosted fantastic mr fox and other such couple of years back

Yeah Lurka, Clap Clap! and a few others aswell