New guy here! Any feedback?

Hey guys just released a track trying to get more feedback on it. Please let me know what you think

Did you actually make this? Just asking because it sounds like it’s got a very low bitrate.

Yeah i did. What do you mean by low bitrate? I exported it at 24 bit depth if that’s what you mean.

No, but both terms do relate to the quality of the sound.
And sorry about coming off like this, but it sounded like a youtube rip or something, which isn’t exactly characteristic of the style of music you seem to want to produce.
As for the track, it’s not exactly my bag, but I do think you do have an interesting blend of elements, so big ups!

does exporting into wav then mastering the wav file then exporting again lower bit quality ? Anyway thanks for the advice I’ll keep that in mind

Yeah, but not noticeably. Probably just me tbh, ignore my first comment lol

Nice track! Check this out! Where R U Now Remix yee.

I hear it too

damnit i guess my mastering or mixing needs work haha. ill work on that! :blush:

Hey This is really good work… I just think the Drop is a bit too long… I love the intro
Good Sounds. Check this one out aswell