New here and to producing. Help!

Hey guys, I’m new to this forum and I mean I guess you can say to producing but I’ve been into it for almost 5 fucking years. I’m just getting so frustrated. I try so hard to make a song. Anything? I try to make a complete song and I can never do it at all. I’ve spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and just sitting there on my stuff trying to figure out what it is that makes it so hard for me to create a full song. I feel as if the theory of music making just isn’t burned into my head. I feel like I can’t grasp “structures” or “buildups” or “drops”. I own machine I have a mac for that but recently I’ve been playing with fl a demo version just to see what it’s about. Everything about this is so challenging. I’ve put my mind to it and tried very very hard. Quitting is the last thing I want to do because I want more than anything to produce. Just very unsure what I’m doing wrong and why I can’t grasp this. Has anyone else been in this hole in the beginning of there journey? Thanks guys.

yep been in that hole, and still fall down there. I find a couple things helpful to try is to bring a track into your daw that you like, one thats the same genre as what you want to produce. Then map out/add markers for how long each section is and where they start. Then whatever your idea is for a track start to peace together whilst referencing the other track so you can take direct inspiration from their transitions and structures etc. Helps alot.

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You gotta be willing to put out full songs, even if they aren’t the best, repetition is how you improve your mixes imo

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Do the same stuff and you’ll always get the same output !
Try different techniques, sample from various sources, put time in, get a nice variety of VST’s and use the Youtyoob.

Like what do you mean you can’t finish? You’re getting something done but just don’t make the rest of it? Can’t figure out what to do for the rest of it? If it’s the first one sounds like that’s just something you need to work out yourself. Make yourself sit down and finish. If it’s the second one throw some bullshit together for the intro and call it a song.

As for getting structure… I would say lots of listening… Not just listening but note taking and stuff. Then just make a bunch of super cheesy over the top stuff that’s really simple. Make some 4 on the floor edm that has a cheesy intro, simple riser, then just turns into that onslaught of boring kick drum hits. Followed by an outro.

For intros there was a post on the old dsf about them… There’s a lot of different stuff you can do. Outros basically the same thing. Chinese man makes the best outros cuz they don’t give a fuck :stuck_out_tongue: song just kind of fades into some old nursery rhyme song or some old clip or something just totally out of place

start off making shit like this

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Finishing tunes is all good but don’t run before you can walk… spend time learning to use the software, manipulating sound first.

Thanks for all the responses guys. I actually just finished up my first “song” I guess u can call it a song. Idk if it’s long enough and it doesn’t have a lot of structure but I enjoyed it a lot and got super motivated… Can you guys all check it out and tell me what you think honestly? It’s hardstyle not so much dubstep. Thanks a lot guys! Please give me honest opinions.

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Comments? Haha

Not bad bro

I thought it was cool.

Pretty cool, have seen someone else do something similar with the Star Wars.

Thanks guys. I started making a dubstep song last night it was coming out amazing! Then I had to unplug my maschine hardware to plug in my microphone to record some vocals and it reset my computer deleting everything. So pissed.

Here’s a little Christmas song I made.

Second thing ever I finished. There sounding better and better as I go.



Does anyone on here use maschine? I’m trying to figure out how I can side chain in it.

Have you tried this one?

Sweet I gotta try that when I get home. Thanks man I didn’t see that one on there when I youtube it.

Use the software app for Maschine to program as you go and drag them into the DAW.